The Protocons

The Protocons

About This Game

High Intensity First Person Shooter Action Adventure Game

During the last battle in the fight to free your people from the ever tightening grip of The Protocons your commanders ships were lured into a trap deep in the heart of the Protocon Empire. The Protocons boarded Commander Riker’s ship ceasing him and what was left of the round table council. It is not quite clear what they are up to, but as the remaining white knight the fate of your civilization rest in you. Your old friend and systems specialist Natalie was left stranded on what was left of the ship, very resourceful and a much needed ally in your quest.

Fun, Challenging and Dynamic Game Play for all Ages

That said, even with multiple difficulty settings nothing in this first person shooter is a give me. Appsif games are made to push and challenge your gaming abilities not roll over and lay down. Only the…Top 1% of Gamers will have what it takes to complete the “One Life” difficulty. Do you have what it takes?

8k Video Game | 4k Video Game | 3 Monitor Video Game

8k video game releases in 2018 are set to push the hi res video gaming resolutions higher than ever before. 4k video games have become more prevalent now that more gamers are opting to drop the 1080p resolution in favor of the higher pixel count of the 4k. While everyone else is catching up Appsif is moving forward. With many 8k displays in development and pc gamers known affinity for multiple display set ups we felt the need to future proof the game with the inclusion 8k, 4k, 1080p and 720p to allow players on older systems to still play the game.

2018 Video Game Release

Release Date 4/10/2018

Design by Jake McIntosh via Appsif Apps ltd

The Protocons Sound Track

  • Menu/Ending Track – Protoci by Walking on Birds
  • Escape/Pre-Fortress – Keplar by Zumaia
  • Crater/Mini- Temple – Dawn of the Protocons by Dawn Tuesday
  • Crater Complex Area – Torpor by AsA

3d Models

  • Mechdroid (Harry) – Willy Decarpentrie
  • Falcon Ship – Hermino Nieves
  • Sentry Turrets – Sean Gorman

Protocon Video Game Features


Fully intergrated DIRECT X 11 features including high level lighting, shadows and texture detail.

Graphics Settings

3 levels of graphic detail, adjustments are broad, but include detail levels, shadow complexity, distance visibility etc. This allows each player to tailor their experience based on their systems capabilities. Everything from Laptops to Hi end Gaming Rigs can play The Protocons.

  • Low
  • Medium
  • Ultra

“Full Nelson Effect”

allows for an additional graphical improvements beyond Low, Medium and Ultra by Super Sampling of the resolution. This allows post processes to perform anti-aliasing and other features at a much higher resolution before the output is delivered to the display. The result is a cleaner, more defined and all over better graphic result. It does require additional resources so it is listed as “Experimental, Inadequate Systems May Crash” in the game. Best Suited for high End Game Rigs


  • 8k- 7680×4320 resolution for gaming on the next gen displays
  • 4k- 3840×2160 resolution for UHDTV standard.
  • 1080p- 1920×1080 resolution HD
  • 720p- 1280 x 720 resolution great for older displays or laptops

Difficulty Settings

  • Recruit- Still challenging, but at a level that younger or inexperienced players can still have fun
  • Cadet- Highly Engaging and a great place to start for Most Gamers
  • Knight- Difficult by nature, Knight is best reserved for Seasoned PC Gamers or Protocon Veterans
  • The One-1 life game play, Reserved for Top Tier Gamers that think they have what it takes.