Fallout: New Vegas Guide

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A good set up for all compainions


This is my guide to help you with all your follower questions and needs!


Boone is one of the best followers you can get from early on, He is a former 1st recon sniper. To get him as a follower you need to complete the quest One for my baby. To get the quest talk to him at night in the moulth of the Dino at Novac

My favorite set up for him early on is to give him “level 1-15” Is keep his hunting rifle, or give him a Marksman carbine (If you can get one) Armor “Level 1-15” Get him new armor, any armor you can get thats better than his will work

Level 20+
Boone, Combat armor, reinforced MK2
Boone Anti-materal rifle OR sniper rifle modded or Gobi scout camping rifle

Rose of Sharon Cassidy

Rose of sharon cassidy (or just cass) Is one on my 2nd favorite follower
To get he as a compainion you need to complete the quest Heartache by the number

Level 1-15
Cass: Combat armor or better
Cass: Hunting shotgun or Dinner bell (Unique hunting shotgun)

Level 20+
Cass: Combat armor MK2
Cass: Riot shotgun

Lily bowen

Lily Bowen (or just lily)
Lily is kind of a wierd follower to have to me, The quest to get her is Guess who i saw today

She is a good follower to have, but she is wierd…
Lily is a melee follower

Level 1-15
Lily: Super sledge
Lily: Armor (I’m not even sure if she can equip armor…)

Level 20+
lily: Oh baby! (unqiue super sledge)
Lily (still I don’t know about that armor…)

More coming soon

Lily: No faction
Boone: NCR faction
Cass: No faction, you just need to have good karma to keep her as a follower

By the way, im not sure if boone can equip NCR ranger armor, but if he can try to get that for him!