Muck Guide

A Good Strat for muck! for Muck

A Good Strat for muck!


So, you wanna get good at muck? Well, I’ll tell you! First start off with any good seed like: 689132638. Then you go to the hut, get the Mithril sword and other items, get some wood, and grind until you get mithril, or Adamantite tools! The nights will be pretty easy, since you have a really good sword right off the bat…Get some more and more wood, to make a lot of workbenches, then stack them up with some normal platform so you can get up. Go as high as you want and that will be your base (Skybase), Or just not build any base and travel with your stations, putting them down when you need them! Now you can leave the game running for as long as you want, or play until you get bored! Have fun!

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