Fallout: New Vegas Guide

A one-shot character build for Fallout: New Vegas

A one-shot character build


Fallout New vegas was released a good while ago now and as such I am aware of the possibility that a build similar to this already exist. But regardless I’m not going to shuffle through them all, so if one has infact already been created, then the jokes on me. I also know that New Vegas has pretty much been examined right down to the tiniest detail, but perhaps this guide will be of some help to anyone new to the wasteland, or old veteran’s looking for something new. If the worst comes to pass, I can always use it as a reference for myself. With that said, using this build will allow you to play on very hard with hardcore mode active from beginning to end and eventually, you’ll be able to one-shot sneak critical or even melee kill lonesome road death claws.The overall intention of this build is to guide you through the creation of your character so that you will be capable of obtaining consistent critical hits in battle and subsequently dish out massive damage. At the same time you will also be able to sustain a moderate amount of damage yourself. My build can be played without the use of sneaking, but if you’re not the patient type and would prefer to get into the action right from the start, I encourage you to use the popular shotgun build instead, although mine can certainly work with a more blunt approach, it’s a bit of a slow build up. Before beginning, I highly recommend that you read the entire guide or at least a good portion of it so that you can get a proper hold on what to expect.As for my research I believe it is sound, but if you happen to observe any errors please indicate such in the comments and I will promptly edit the information as soon as I notice an verify the inaccuracy, thank you.>>>> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=556869661 <<<<< Link to fallout 4 One-shot build.

Starting out

First you’ll need to ensure that you properly allocate your characters S.P.E.C.I.A.L & stat points and choose the right ‘background’ perks in the beginning. You’ll want it to appear as follows,

Strength 6
Perception 6
Endurance 6
Charisma 2 – As explained in the final section of this guide, you can instead put charisma down to one & use the subsequent point on either strength, endurance or luck. Just remember endurance will allow for and extra implant and give you more health & resistances. But any of them would be a good choice.
Intelligence 9- get the intelligence implant at the New Vegas medical center ASAP
Agility 6
Luck 5- You’ll need to get the luck implant at some point for the better criticals perk, or, if it’s already at six from the extra charisma point, then the boost in critical chance. I also recommend that you use your lonesome road point on luck as well, but it’s not essential that you do.

Stat Point bonus selection

Choosing lockpick is only important for experienced players whom know the locations of unique items, resulting in them being able to acquire said equipment as early as possible. If you don’t fall into that catagory then I recommend speech or barter to counteract the charisma disadvantage, but it’s up to you. Survival is required for several important perks that unlock early on. You will also be relying heavily on sneak criticals for a while. Always sneak & attempt to land a headshot sneak critical in the beginning, yes even with the varmint rifle. At least until you reach about level 25 give or take, by then you’ll be able to faceroll pretty much anything, provided you have the right equipment.

Small frame putting your Agility to 7
Wild Wasteland “Note, if you aren’t concerned about missing out on certain unique items, dialogue options & otherwise then you can replace the Wild Wasteland selection with whatever you prefer, personally I always take this.” Just remember if you take this you cannot get a unique gauss rifle that is normally found later in the game. If you want to select something els I recommend one of the following…

Trigger Discipline This will make all guns & energy weapons you fire 20% more accurate at the cost of firing 20% slower. Since the slow down doesn’t really effect single shot weaponary & isn’t significant enough to hinder spraying weapons, infact, id go as far as to say it makes them more useful an easier to control, this trait is a very good choice.

Loose Cannon This one will make you attack 30% faster with all thrown weapons including grenades & other explosives. A little hint, one good way to down the ghost people in the Sierra madre is with headshots from the throwing spears they drop. If that doesn’t sound good enough, well, if you ever want to screw around with these kind of weapons then it’ll be good to have. The only downside is you’ll lose 25% of your throwing range, but that’s hardly a noticeable loss.

Built To Destroy This one gives +3% critical hit chance and syncs quite well with my build. The downside is that all your equipment will deteriorate 25% faster which can sting when combined with the decay from using the hand load or max charge ammo. But if you end up having well over 100,000+ caps like I do, carry around weapon repair kits & gamble, it’s not that hard to keep at bay.

Do Not take Skilled Inless you plan on using a certain auto doc found in Old world blues or don’t own all of the DLC. If you follow my build to the letter, it will end up becoming a waste end game. Any advantage it may offer early on is rendered redundant by using the many temporary boost items and magazines found all throughout New Vegas. It’s not a bad trait, just isn’t necessary with my build.

Do Not take Four Eyes Like skilled, this one is simply redundant and can even be a hindrance if you plan to use my recommended armor pieces. Specifically, the Elite riot gear helmet which gives +2 to perception, the exact same bonus this trait provides when wearing glasses. (Which you can’t wear with almost any sort of worthwhile head gear including the Elite riot helmet.) Except this trait will also reduce your base perception from six to five, meaning wearing glasses actually only gives a bonus of one. It also means you’ll need to get the perception implant to qualify for certain perks (thou you should still get the implant anyway, but to put it simply, nine perception is better then eight.) In the end, the only reason to take this with my build would be for roleplaying purposes. But in terms of efficiency, even if you don’t own the lonesome road DLC and can’t attain the Elite riot helmet. You’d still be better off wearing another good piece of head gear then taking this.

Essential perks

Here are all the perks you’ll need to take in order to make the best of this build, including general information about them. Keep in mind that you will not be able to get them all the moment they unlock. When this happens, choose one of the others that I listed or pick one of the perks in the (useful) section of the guide.

Important note Provided you own all of the DLC add-ons, you’ll have 25 perks avaliable, you only need to select 16 perks for this guide which leaves you with nine to play around with. Again, I highly recommend you use them on the perks listed in the ‘useful’ section of the guide, but don’t be afraid to experiment. If you’re feeling comfortable you can instead use them to branch off into your own selection of weapons or playstyle, some of which I will cover. This build has a lot of breathing room & as long as you get the recommended perks, you shouldn’t run into to much trouble. For those of you without the DLC, stick as close to my guide as possible & get all the essential perks avaliable to you.

Level 2
Hunter This perk requires 30 survival, it will provide you with a 75% critical dmg boost against all types of animals including mutated ones. The most notable being Lakelurks, Geckos and Yao guai. Certainly a good start on our quest to dominate the waste land.

Level 4
Educated This perk is arguably one of the most useful perks in the game, it will give you two extra skill points each time you level up. Ultimately you’ll end up nabbing and extra 92 points provided you own all the dlc, essential if you intend on getting the high requirement perks of my build.

Note Several other perks unlock at this level but no matter who’s build you’re following, you should always snag educated at level 4, no exceptions.

Level 6
Comprehension This skill will make any permanent stat increase books you happen to find give you a stat increase of four points instead of three. In addition it will also make magazines give you a temporary boost of twenty stat points rather then ten. This may not seem important at first, but it’s the key to maxing out all of your stats, it will also help you stave off the barter an speech disadvantage of the low charisma.
Do not read any books before getting this perk!

Entomologist Requires 45 Survival. This one is similiar to hunter, except it will give you a flat 50% boost in overall dmg including criticals against insects. The most notable being Radscorpions & Cazadors.

Hand Loader This one requires a repair of 70 & will allow you to craft the .50 MG Match Hand Load ammo for your Anti materiel rifle, as well as all other hand load ammunition. This type of ammo is the best in the game & will further increase your damage output. The only ammo type that is arguably better or just as good is the .50 MG explosive rounds you can purchase at gun runners.

Level 8
Commando This perk will increase your chance to hit in vats by 25% with all two handed weapons, helpful against enemies like Cazadors, you might argue this isn’t essential, but I would disagree. You’ll notice the difference in your vats accuracy once you take it.

Stonewall This perk will give you +5 to your damage threshold against all melee attacks, most of which are often far more deadly then ranged ones, In addition it will also prevent you from ever being knocked down. A worthwhile perk but not something you need right away.

Level 10
Finesse this will increase your critical hit chance by the equivalent of five extra points of luck, I think that speaks for itself.

Level 12
Silent Running 50 sneak, This perk I originally listed as unnecessary, but after a lot of thought, I have decided otherwise. It will make it far easier for you to remain undetected for that all to important critical hit. It will also make moving in sneak mode a lot faster, as you’ll essentially never have to “creep” again even in heavy armor.

Robotics Expert Science 50. This one will make it so you can disable unaware robots in sneak mode & give a 25% damage boost against them in combat. A few have suggested this isn’t necessary. This is somewhat true if you plan on using the pulse gun, but if that is not your intention it’ll be a great asset, especially in old world blues where it’ll help with or without the EMP gun.

Piercing Strike Unarmed 70 This perk is very advantageous, causing every melee blow you land to negate 15 points of the enemies damage threshold. Essentially rendering their armor all but meaningless.

Sniper Since aiming for the head is so important a 25% chance to hit the head in vats is incredibly useful particularly for those just starting out. This will also combine with commando making your ability to headshot 50% better with Two handed weapons.

Level 14
Purifier will make you do a solid 50% more damage with melee & unarmed against abominations, most notably Deathclaws, Fire geckos, ghouls & Ghost people. You might think you can’t get close to some of those enemies without being gibbed so what’s it matter? But with proper timing & the right melee weapon, you can indeed take full advantage of this perk, especially if you’re traveling with companions.

Level 16
Better Criticals Requires six luck, purchase the implant at the new vegas medical center. This perk provides a 50% increase to overall critical damage need I write more?

Level 20
Ninja sneak & melee weapons must be at 80 This perk will increase your critical chance with all melee or unarmed attacks by 15%. It will also make your melee sneak criticals do 25% more damage. With that it mind it might not seem worthwhile, but i’m sure getting critical hits several times in a row with a super sledge or the fist of rawr will quickly change your mind.

Level 24
Slayer requires unarmed to be 90. this perk will increase your attack speed with all melee and unarmed weapons by 30%. But in order to take full advantage, you’ll need your strength to be 8 (the minimum requirement to use heavy weapons without penalty) To do this, get the strength implant at the new vegas medical center. Then use your lonesome road point on strength or preferably the old world blues increase as it’s better to put the former on luck. However if you’d rather not have to get that far into the game you can always use intense training, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Whatever you decide to do, don’t waste a perk on weapon handling.

Once you procure a majority of the listed Perks above, your character will become a force to be reckoned with. As previously written, the focus of this build is to give your character a massive damage bonus to regular & sneak critical hits. Many of these perks will also provide a direct boost to your overall damage output (Which also boost criticals). The remaining will let you withstand a significant amount of damage, although you’ll still have to be careful from time to time. Unite all of this with a powerful weapon & you’re a killing machine.

Useful Perks

Here is where I will provide a list of useful perks, you should take one of these if you happen to level up & lack the requirements to select any of the essential ones. Or if you wish to branch off and use different weapons then I suggested.

Level 2
Confirmed Bachelor/Black widow This will give a flat +10% damage bonus against all male characters, this includes a 10% dmg boost to critical hits against them. Since male characters account for a majority of the enemies in New Vegas, including the infamous legate, it’s easy to see how this can be helpful.

Level 6
Bloody mess-This perk gives a 5% overall dmg boost, which includes regular & sneak criticals, ultimately it’s a worthwhile investment. If you should find yourself not being able to kill death claws with a single sneak critical, but instead are bringing them down to just a sliver of health, then take this perk. Good in the sierra madre as well. Warning you should complete the quest Three card bounty before snagging this one.

Demolition’s Expert X3- requires explosive 50, highly recommended for those of you going the explosive route, otherwise one point wouldn’t hurt for bottlecap mines or satchels.

Toughness X2. This is often underestimated, it will increase your damage threshold by three points each time it’s taken. Combined with the sub dermal armor implant, it will essentially be like equiping and extra piece of armor. A worthy investment indeed.

Mad Bomber– Requires Explosive & repair 45 This one will give you a handful of new explosive recipes, it will also make crafting the ones you already have, such as bottle cap mines less difficult. A worthwhile investment, but not anything to necessary inless you’re going the explosive route.

Level 8
Strong back Allows you to carry 50 more pounds of items, useful, especially when combined with pack rat.

Grunt Requires guns 45 & explosives 20 Highly Recommended This perk will allow you to do 25% more damage with a number of assault rifle type firearms, light machine guns, grenades & grenade launchers. The most notable being the unique All-american & Survivalist’s rifle. Good for those of you who want to try different weapons or ensure you’re character is efficent at everything.

Pack rat Requires Barter 70, Highly recommended. will drastically reduce the overall weight of the items you’ll need to carry. This will make it tremendously easier to haul around the .50 MG ammo, food and many other items without having to compensate. Still, despite how useful this perk is, I do not consider it essential to have except for those of you who hoard like I do.

Living Anatomy Medicine 70 This perk will give a flat 5% damage increase against all humans & non-feral ghouls. Much like the perk Confirmed bachelor/Black widow listed above, it’s easy to see why this can be useful, especially when facing NCR or Legion assassins and the end game “bosses”. It also shows the remaining hitpoints & damage threshold of all enemies you’ll encounter in vats. I find this to be a neat little utility for keeping track of just how much (Overkill) damage you’re actually inflicting among other things.

Level 10
Nerd Rage! Science 50 It can be helpful in sticky situations, but it’s nothing to run home about.

Level 12
Hit the Deck requires 70 explosive This perk is essential for those of you who want to use Mercy as your primary weapon, or any type of explosives for that matter. It will increase your DT against all explosions by 25 points, making the inevitable splash damage you’ll take far less problematic.

Splash Damage requires 70 explosive, combined with the above perk, this will make mercy & indeed all types of explosives far more effective, worthwhile if you are going down this path.

Heavyweight strength 7 This one will reduce the weight of any weapons that weigh ten pounds or more by half. A very useful perk, especially if you intend on trying out some of my more odd weapon suggestions listed in the next section.

Level 14
Jury Rigging repair 90 As one of the commenters down below pointed out, the ability to fix Anti-material rifles with a varmint rifle is just one of the boons this perk offers. It will make things alot less expensive for those of you not using gambling or Caesar’s legion as money pots. Not to mention making rare armor exceptionally easier to maintain, be it my recommended elite riot gear or power armor. I don’t usually take this, but it’s not a bad perk by any means. Just be careful not to accidentally repair a piece of junk with one of your good items!

Action boy/Action girl If you almost always use vats an find yourself habitually running low then this perk can be of great help.

Level 18
Paralyzing Palm Unarmed 70. Allows you to remove your weapon & with a bit of luck, paralyze powerful enemies like Deathclaws or Super mutants. Rendering them defenseless and open to attack. This perk is more useful if you intend on traveling with companions, who can distract the aforementioned creatures.

Level 20
Grim Reaper’s Sprint– This perk can be somewhat helpful, If you manage to kill a target in vats, it’ll restore 20 Action points immediately upon exiting, making it easier for you to tag multiple enemies using vats. If that appeals to you, then consider taking either this or its sister perk Nerves of Steel whichever you prefer, just don’t get them both. Keep in mind if you aren’t having to much difficulty even on the harder enemies, you should probably skip over each of them.

Level 22
Laser Commander requires energy weapons 90 Highly recommended this perk will grant a 15% damage bonus + a 10% extra chance to land a critical hit with any laser weapon, including gatling lasers. As one of the poster’s in the comments said, this goes very well with my build & is essential for those of you who have your own weapon preferences and are planning to go the energy route.

Level 26
Nerves Of SteelSee level 20 This one increases your AP regeneration rate by 20%, a reasonable boost but much like Grim reaper’s sprint listed above, it’s not really necessary inless your having trouble.

Level 30
Burden to Bear This one is exacly the same as strong back (see level 8) & will add a additional 50lbs to your carry weight. Absolutely perfect for those of you intending on using heavy weapons & again, hoarding like I do. Stack it with strong back as well as pack rat and your good to go.

New Vegas Medical Center Implants
(Sub-Dermal Armor +4 Damage Threshold highly recommended cost 8000 Caps.)

(Monocyte Breeder This provides health regeneration at a rate of one point per ten seconds & cost 12000 Caps. Not necessary, but it can certainly be somewhat helpful in the Sierra Madre Casino add-on. It will also provide you with healing regardless of where you rest. advantageous if you somehow run out of health items & food.) This one might seem really great at first glance, but again, it’s hardly necessary. Usually you’re better off carrying around a few desert salads or stimpaks.

Important Note If you lack the DLC add-ons some of the above perks will not be avaliable, if that is the case stick to the ones that are. Don’t worry, you do have a good amount of breathing room with this build.

Choosing the proper equipment

This one will eventually become moot, as your character becomes increasingly powerful you’ll be able to make your own decisions on weapons. Remember that all Ammo recipes will be unlocked with the level 6 hand loader perk. Anyway my usual choices are as follows…

Armor & Helmets
Gannon family Tesla armor Or regular enclave armor, along with enclave helmet. Note Requires power armor training

Combat armor reinforced Mark II along with the respective helmet- this is the armor you’ll likely acquire before the others, if not regular combat armor will suffice for a while.

Elite riot gear along with Elite riot helmet Lonesome road only– This is the third & final verison of the riot gear. The armor will award you with +10 to guns, +1 to Charisma & +5 to your critical chance. While the helmet provides +5 to speech & +2 to Preception. I think that speaks for itself.

It should come as no surprise that I personally recommend the Elite Riot Gear, if only for the increased critical chance. After you get the necessary stat requirements to successfully pass Ulysses’s speech challenges (if you care about that.) You can enter lonesome road, find the riot gear & leave until you’re better prepared. Although you’ll still have to traverse a significant portion of the divide to acquire this armor.

Melee weapons
Oh baby! This unique Super Sledge does massive damage & has a special attack that can knock even deathclaws to the ground, it may weigh 20 pounds but it’s one of the best melee weapons in the game.

Fist of Rawr or Fist of the North Rawr As it’s called with the Wild Wasteland perk- Can only be crafted in Lonesome Road DLC A very light weight killing machine, especially with the slayer perk. Just remember this is a & unarmed weapon not a melee one. Still, it’s powerful enough to replace oh baby, even more so if you take into account the critical multipliers it has. I personally recommend using this once you acquire it instead of oh baby! However Either weapon is a good choice, you don’t need to haul both around.

You’ll need the GRA DLC. Anti-materiel rifle completely upgraded with modifications. Use .50 MG Match Hand load crafted ammo-craft requires 100 Repair. Important note Thanks to the contributation of Lyra within the comments section of this guide, I have gave Explosive 50. MG rounds a try. They are indeed a very viable alternative to the hand load if you can afford them, I usually carry around twenty rounds of each.

Gobi Campaign scout rifle With .308 JSP Hand load Ammo. Craft requires 50 repair. Use this or a cowboy repeater, brush gun or regular sniper rifle until you can afford a Anti-materiel rifle from Gun Runners.

All-American This unique marksman carbine can be difficult to acquire, but if you plan on using the grunt perk then it will quite easily become a incredibly light-weight killing machine, as will many other rifles of this nature.

Energy Weapons
Q-35 Matter Modulator This unique plasma rifle is something you can get very early & it will stay useful throughout your entire play through, especially if you focus on energy weapons. But even if you don’t it’s still efficent, does decent damage and has relatively abundant ammo. Best of all it has reasonable criticals & is light weight. You should use the max charge Microfusion cells, which require a science skill of 75 to craft at a work bench.

Tesla Beaton prototype Much like the grenade launcher Mercy listed below, this unique Tesla cannon is more for entertainment purposes then anything els. Still, it can be a very powerful weapon to add into your arsenal, especially with the max charge electron charge pack ammo (workbench craft requires Science at 85). The only weakness it suffers from is rather fast degradation, which unfortunately is magnified by using the max charge ammo. But this is nothing a few weapon repair kits cant stave off.

Special items & Explosive weapons
Mercy This unique 40mm grenade machinegun is in my opinion, one of the most entertaining weapons in the game, thou it’s highly impractical. For those of you who really want to take my build to the next level, try going the explosive route & using this as your main weapon. Because of it’s critical chance & bonuses, it actually syncs quite well with my build. The only problem you will have is the 40MM grenade ammo which can be rather scarce, but Gun Runners usually sells a modest supply.

Bottle cap mines craft requires 75 explosive (85 for the efficient craft with the mad bomber perk) These can be made at any work bench with sensor modules, cherry bombs, lunch boxes & caps. I highly recommend you carry enough of them to spare for bad situations. Whether it be more then four death claws running at you or a few handful of Reaver ghouls, they can make a big difference if used properly. Especially with a point in the demolitions expert perk.
They are a bit easier to make with the Mad Bomber perk mentioned above, See level 6 in useful perk section for more information.

Satchel charges craft requires 25 explosive, 25 lead, 25 powder pistols, 1 scrap electronic & 1 sensor module. These are a good alternative to bottle cap mines and are much easier to make, especially if traveling with ED-E who can make three of them on a regular basis provided you have the lonesome road DLC.

EMP grenades & mines For the times your Robotics Expert just isn’t enough.

Naughty Nightwear This attire can be purchased at Mick & ralphs in freeside, it provides +1 to luck & +10 to speech. Resulting in a tremendous assistance in staving the disadvantage of the charisma loss. Since it only weighs a single pound it’s worth hauling around for speech challenges also, don’t forget to wear it when you’re gambling.

Party Time Mentats Camp fire recipe requires 50 science These improved mentats are easy to make, weigh nothing & will grant you a temporary bonus of 5 charisma, 2 perception and 2 intelligence. Best of all, the recipe only requires Honey mesquite pods, regular mentats & whiskey. Another good way to beat the charisma disadvantage during speech or barter challenges. Remember mentats count as a drug & your character will become addicted with continued use.

Important note Party time mentats will stack with regular mentats, if you combine this with booze & any piece of clothing that offers a charisma boost, you can temporarily boost your charisma all the way from one to ten.

Obtaining these weapons can sometimes be easier said then done, but you’ll get them before any problems occur. An by then you’ll probably want to use your own weapons. If you do branch off you may want to switch a few perks to compensate for whatever you decide to use. Please note, not all of the above weapons are necessary to have at any one time. However I recommend always having your upgraded Anti-materiel rifle on hand, or atleast a good replacement like the medicine stick brush gun. But weapons such as the Tesla beaton are more for entertainment purposes. Always make sure to carry atleast one melee weapon, the Fist of rawr is a good replacement for Oh Baby! But don’t be afraid to try other weapons. You can always attempt your own crazy ideas as well, such as using the unique grenade launcher mercy as I suggested above. New vegas has no shortage of weaponary for you to choose from & this build can sync with all such choices.

A few last minute questions TL;DR

This part of the guide is just a few questions that ive been asked by a handful of people, mainly friends of mine that are following this guide. Since some of them have come up more then once, I figure it’d be better to answer them right here.

Why have a charisma of two instead of one?
It’s important to remember that this guide is built specifically off of “my” playstyle, hence the many recommendations put in the Useful perk section. As such it’s made in a way that reflects my “Own” taste and I never thought it would become as popular as it has. Now, I’m the type that prefers to get every speech challenge I come across, save for a select few that have negative effects for passing. Having a charisma of two instead of one makes it a little easier to max out if you stack mentats, party time mentats & booze. Thou like I mentioned previously it’s not impossible to do this at a charisma of one, so if you’d rather put that point elswhere don’t hesitate to do so. Again, I recommend either Endurance, Strength or Luck.

Why haven’t I gotten all the achievements after logging six hundred plus hours?
If you’re the kind of person who want’s to know exacly who you are taking advice from, you may notice I am missing a few New Vegas achievements. The answer as to why is quite simple really, I can’t stand the Legion nor the NCR & House reminds me far to much of myself to be likeable among other things (Funny how that works huh?). Anyway, I have nothing against those who do like them, but since I prefer to imagine my character as a.. silhouette of me so to speak? I simply refuse to do their quest lines and always opt for the independent route, maybe one day ill get around to doing them. However, with that said, I have completed New vegas several times over & know full well what the other endings entail having watched an read about them. So you don’t have to worry about my wasteland “credentials” as one would say, ive earned them.

This build looks a bit overpowered, wouldn’t it make the game to easy?
Depends on variety of things, first of all, not everyone is a skilled gamer & for them using my build may seem just right. It also depends highly on your particular playstyle, I can gaurantee this build will sync with almost any kind of loadout you try to use, meaning you can quite easily opt to make your own challenge. There are also a number of mods out there to choose from that increase the difficulty of the vanilla game without touching the core mechanics or avaliable perks, so you can always try that.

Will this build work with Fallout 3? A word of caution minor spoilers!
Indeed it will, you won’t be able to get all of the perks of course as some aren’t avaliable, but a good chunk of them are. If you have all the DLC for fallout 3 I recommend that you don’t pick up any of the bobbleheads save the one for intelligence until after you snag the almost perfect perk. In this way you can get all your stats up to ten, which coupled with my build, is insanity. Just make sure you put your charisma to one & stick the extra point into luck. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the better criticals perk, inless you either waste one of your other perks on intense training or get the luck bobble head before getting almost perfect.

I like to roleplay in fallout, this build looks like it’s made for efficiency rather then roleplay.
Ultimately if you feel this way I probably can’t change your mind, but regardless, ill try and break it down to the best of my ability. I am a scientist myself, I bring this up not to brag, but because it’ll be relevant soon enough. In a wasteland like fallout, skills such as sneaking, self defense (gun play, energy, melee weapons), survival, lockpicking & to a lesser extent medicine would be essential for anyone wanting to stay alive, those who don’t adapt probably wouldn’t last long. So being skilled in all of these doesn’t, in my opinion, break immersion as it’s realistic. Now, explosives, science, repair & advanced medicine are a different story. These are all jobs that require years of training, but ask yourself this, is it impossible to dabble in them all in a world where focused careers practically don’t exist? I do not think so. It’d take quite a while, but being skilled in multiple occupations is not impossible, especially in a place where you’d be faced with them frequently. Now, being adept in science myself, I believe I could use the knowledge I already possess & apply it in these differing topics. Helping me to introduce myself to them and eventually, learn them. So can you roleplay with this build? Undoubtedly.