Fallout: New Vegas Guide

A starter guide for Fallout: New Vegas for Fallout: New Vegas

A starter guide for Fallout: New Vegas


This is a guide on how to get started in Fallout New Vegas.

Doc’s House

You start the game in doc mitchel’s house (Forgive me if I spelled it wrong). There you will create your char, which should not be too hard. Then he will make you sue the vigor tester. There you will choose your S.P.E.C.I.A.L skills. You may want to put a point into strength, agilty, intelligence, and two into luck. Strength will help you hold heavier weapons. Agility puts a few points into your gun skill. Intelligence puts some points into your science and medicine skills. And luck lets you do more critical hits, and more importantly, increases your chances in casinos. He will then give you a quiz that will deterimine your tag skills, after the quiz you can change your tag skills if he picked ones you did not like. Then you can pick two traits, you can pick anyone of them you want(Depending on how you want to play the game). After you are all done with doc’s tests you can go and loot his house (He does not seem to mind). Then once you are all done with that you can leave his house and start your adventure.

Skills and traits.

Now that you are in the world here are some tips for you. First off, focus your skill points into guns, melee, or unarmed first. Do not focus your points into energy weapons for awhile until later in the game since energy weapons are not the most common things to find. Also put some points into science, lockpicking, speech, and repair. For your first trait you should get intense training, so you can put a point into a S.P.E.C.I.A.L skill. Later in the game you can start focusing points into energy weapons because they are more common late game.

Your first quest.

First off, you should do sunny’s tutorial. You can find her in the saloon next to the general store. After that you should go back into the saloon and you will see the bartender being threatened by a powder ganger. After he leaves you can talk to the bartender and ask her what the arguement was about. She will tell you can the man is looking for Ringo who is hiding in the gas station. You then should follow the marker and go to the gas station where Ringo is. You can then offer to help him with the powder gangers. He will tell you to ask sunny smiles for help. She will say yes and reccomend to ask a few people around the town to help(Note that you will require certain amounts of skills for some people for this, which you can get temporarly from magazines you can find.) Once you think you got all the help you need you can go back to Ringo and tell him that sunny agreed to help. Then you can tell him if you are ready or not. If you say you are ready sunny will come in and tell you that the powder gangers are there. You then will leave and fight the powder gangers off. Once you do that you will have completed the quest and Ringo will have given you 100 caps (and you will lvl up from the quest). Now that you have done your first quest you should now know how to survive the world of fallout new vegas, have fun!