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Achievement : Boom Goes the Dynamite for Tomb Raider

Achievement : Boom Goes the Dynamite


Here is a simple guide to get Tomb Raider’s hidden achievement Boom Goes the Dynamite.

What do we have to achieve?

This achievement is pretty simple, you have to shoot an enemy’s dynamite while it’s in the air.



If you haven’t completed the game yet, just shoot a dynamite if you see one in the air! Else, if you completed the game follow this helpful guide, written with my heart.

Step 1 : Backup your current save game.

You might want to backup your current save game if you still need it, because I will have you download another one to have the achievement done quickly!

  • a. Reach the save game folder.

    It can be found here: C:Program Files (x86)Steamuserdata<Your Steam ID folder>203160remote

  • b. Backing up your save game

    You probably don’t want to lose your save game, so we will create a backup so you won’t lose your current progress.

    Copy every files found in the remote folder. Create a new folder on your desktop then paste those files in this new folder.

  • c. Deleting the current save game.

    Now that the backup process is completed, we will delete the save file so you won’t have any problem with the one you are about to download.

    Reach the save game folder (again, step 1.a.) and delete the file named save1.dat.

Step 2 : Downloading the time-saving save game. (uh, what a great punt)

This save game will… save you some time 😉

  • a. Downloading the save game.

    I’ve uploaded the file myself, if there is any problem let me know!

    Click {LINK REMOVED}here.

  • b. “Installing” the save game.

    Reach the save game folder (now, I hope you remember! okay you don’t… let me remind you: psst, step 1.a.) and copy the downloaded save game there. (don’t rename it, it must be save1.dat)

Step 3 : Achieving Boom Goes the Dynamite

  • a. Launch the game.

    Come on, you can do it.

  • b. Selecting the save game.

    Now you should see a 53% save game, click on that!

  • c. Achievement completed!

    Now you should see a bunch of enemies attacking you, get rid of the guys with bows and guns. All you want to shoot is flying dynamites.

Step 4 : Getting your original save game back to its place.

  • a. Reach the save game folder

    (*cough*, you know where it is, right?).

  • b. Getting your original save game back to where it belongs!

    Delete file save1.dat from the save game folder and copy the save1.dat from the folder you created on your desktop and put it into the save game folder.

You did it! Thanks for reading my guide, I know the achievement is easy but hey, I like to help! There is something special in the next section, go check it out!

Boom Goes the Dynamite? Why?

Boom Goes the Dynamite is a popular catchphrase derived from a college sportscast hosted by Brian Collin, a freshman journalism student at Ball State University who made his on-air debut in 2005.

During his freshman year in 2005, Brian began helping with shooting videos at NewsWatch TV station in Waco, Texas. On March 22nd, he made his broadcast debut a bit earlier than expected, when he was given a chance to fill in for the regular sportscaster who was ill.

But only a few minutes into his segment, Brian began losing track of the script as the lines were rolling faster than his reading pace. One of the more memorable quotes can be heard during his play-by-play commentary of an Indiana Pacers vs. New Jersey Nets game: “Later he gets the rebound. Passes to the man. He shoots. And boom goes the dynamite.”