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Achievement Checklist: Fallout - New Vegas for Fallout: New Vegas

Achievement Checklist: Fallout – New Vegas


A Cynical Checklist: An Achievement Hunter’s list of all 75 Achievements to be earned for 100% game completion. This is simply a list of Achievements ordered thematically & is the first thing I create as a reference before I attempt to 100% any game. Print out, or copy this into Word Document for easy access & “Happy Hunting”!For a more detailed walkthrough, check out my 100% Achievement Guide: Fallout – New Vegas.

Base Game: (50)

Achievement Breakdown:
Story Related: (12)
Side Quests: (11)
Character: (6)
Collectibles: (1)
Slay: (5)
Gambling: (6)
Miscellaneous: (9)

Story Related: (12)

1. Ain’t That A Kick In the Head: Complete Ain’t That A Kick in the Head.

2. They Went That-A-Way: Complete They Went That-A-Way.

3. Ring-A-Ding-Ding: Complete Ring-A-Ding-Ding.

4. Wild Card: Complete Wild Card.

5. No Gods, No Masters: Complete No Gods, No Masters.

6. The House Always Wins: Complete The House Always Wins.

7. All Or Nothing: Complete All Or Nothing.

8. Render Unto Caesar: Complete Render Unto Caesar.

9. Veni, Vidi, Vici: Complete Veni, Vidi, Vici.

10. For the Republic: Complete For the Republic.

11. Eureka!: Complete Eureka!

12. Hardcore: Play the game from start to finish in Hardcore Mode.

Side Quests: (11)

1. Ol’ Buddy Ol’ Pal: Recruit any Companion.

2. The Whole Gang’s Here: Recruit all 8 Companions.

3. Come Fly With Me: Complete Come Fly With Me.

4. That Lucky Old Sun: Complete That Lucky Old Sun.

5. Talent Pool: Complete Talent Pool.

6. G.I. Blues: Complete G.I. Blues.

7. Volare!: Complete Volare!

8. Return to Sender: Complete Return to Sender.

9. The Legend of the Star: Complete The Legend of the Star.

10. You’ll Know It When It Happens: Complete You’ll Know It When It Happens.

11. Arizona Killer: Complete Arizona Killer.

Character: (6)

1. New Kid: Reached 10th Level.

2. Up & Comer: Reach 20th Level.

3. The Boss: Reach 30th Level.

4. Crafty: Craft 20 Items.

5. Jury Rigger: Repair 30 Items.

6. Mod Master: Install 20 Weapon Mods.

Collectibles: (1)

1. Globe Trotter: Discover all 7 Snow Globes.

Slay: (5)

1. Lead Dealer: Cause 10,000 damage with Guns.

2. New Vegas Samurai: Cause 10,000 damage with Melee Weapons.

3. Old-Tyme Brawler: Cause 10,000 damage with Unarmed Weapons.

4. Blast Mastery: Cause 10,000 damage with Energy Weapons.

5. Love the Bomb: Cause 10,000 damage with Explosives.

Gambling: (6)

1. Know When to Fold Them: Win 3 games of Caravan.

2. Caravan Master: Win 30 games of Caravan.

3. Double Down: Play 10 hands of Blackjack.

4. One Armed Bandit: Play 10 spins of Slots.

5. Little Wheel: Play 10 spins of Roulette.

6. The Courier Who Broke the Bank: Get banned from the Strip’s 3 casinos.

Miscellaneous: (9)

1. No Tumbler Fumbler: Pick 25 locks.

2. Hack the Mojave: Hack 25 Terminals.

3. Outstanding Orator: Make 50 Speech Challenges.

4. Artful Pocketer: Pick 50 pockets.

5. Walker of the Mojave: Discover 50 locations.

6. Master of the Mojave: Discover 125 locations.

7. Stim-ply Amazing: Heal 10,000 points of damage with Stimpacks.

8. Desert Survivalist: Heal 10,000 points of damage with Food.

9. You Run Barter Town: Sell 10,000 Caps worth of goods.

Gun Runners’ Arsenal: (5)

DLC – Achievement Breakdown:
Challenges: (3)
Slay: (2)

Challenges: (3)

1. Up to the Challenge: Completed any three Gun Runners’ Arsenal (GRA) one star (*) Challenges.

2. Combat Veteran: Completed any three Gun Runners’ Arsenal (GRA) two star (**) Challenges.

3. Pros Only: Completed any three Gun Runners’ Arsenal (GRA) three star (***) Challenges.

Slay: (2)

1. Curios & Relics: Caused 10,000 damage with unique Mojave Wasteland Weapons.

2. Master of the Arsenal: Caused 10,000 damage with Gun Runners’ Arsenal (GRA) Weapons.

Honest Hearts: (5)

DLC – Achievement Breakdown:
Story Related: (5)

Story Related: (5)

1. When We Remembered Zion: Arrive at Zion.

2. Restore Our Fortunes: Resupply Daniel & the Sorrows.

3. In A Foreign Land: Scout the Zion Valley for signs of the White Legs.

4. O Daughter of Babylon: Crush the White Legs.

5. May My Hand Forget Its Skill: Evacuate Zion.

Dead Money: (5)

DLC – Achievement Breakdown:
Story Related: (4)
Collectibles: (1)

Story Related: (4)

1. Assemble Your Crew: Recruit Dean Domino, Christine & Dog.

2. Having A Ball: Complete the Sierra Madre Gala Event.

3. Cash Out: Confront Father Elijah in the Sierra Madre’s Vault.

4. Safety Deposit Box: Trap Father Elijah in the Sierra Madre’s Vault.

Collectibles: (1)

1. Sierra Souvenir Aficionado: Collect 500 Sierra Madre Chips.

Old World Blues: (5)

DLC – Achievement Breakdown:
Story Related: (4)
Collectibles: (1)

Story Related: (4)

1. Spinal-Tapped: Recovered X-8 Vertebrae-Pulse-De-Sensitizer Frequency!

2. Cardiac Arrest!: Search your feelings… for your heart.

3. Make Up Your Mind: Make up your mind… about your brain.

4. Outsmarted: Complete Old World Blues.

Collectibles: (1)

1. Making Friends: Reactivate all 10 of the Sink’s robotic assistants.

Lonesome Road: (5)

DLC – Achievement Breakdown:
Story Related: (2)
Collectibles: (3

Story Related: (2)

1. Condemned to Repeat It: Decided the fate of all the Divide dwellers.

2. Hometown Hero: Completed Lonesome Road.

Collectibles: (3)

1. Rocket’s Red Glare: Fully upgraded The Divide’s signature weapon.

2. ED-Ecated: Found all 5 of ED-E’s Upgrades in the Divide.

3. Warhead Hunter: Detonated all 30 of the Warheads in the Divide.

Casino Total Earnings Limit:

Gomorrah – 9,000 Chips

The Tops – 10,000 Chips

The Ultra-Luxe – 15,000 Chips

Snow Globe Locations:

1. Goodsprings Cemetery: North of Goodsprings will be the Goodsprings Cemetery location; just follow the road up the hill North of the saloon if it is not already marked on your map. When you enter the cemetery, head to the far left corner of the lot just in front of the large water tower to find the Snow Globe in front of an unmarked grave.

2. Old Mormon Fort: In the Old Mormon Fort in Freeside New Vegas; head into the tower directly to the right of the gates you enter the fort through. Take the stairs all the way up to the top floor & you can find the Snow Globe on top of a shelf in the room here.

3. Lucky 38 Casino: While in the Lucky 38, get Victor to take you up to the Cocktail Lounge. Follow the bar counter along left or right until you get to the wall on the other side of the elevator; you can find the Snow Globe tucked behind a cash register here

4. Vault 21: The Vault 21 Gift Shop can be found in the next area of The Strip past The Tops Casino. Enter the Gift Shop & make your way down the stairs & enter Vault 21. From the doorway, take a left down the stairs into a large common room. Take another left through a doorway & follow the hall straight down. There will be an unlocked door to your left with a locked one directly afterwards on your left. To get inside, you need a Lockpick Skill of 50 or higher. Pick the lock, & you can find the Snow Globe on an end table in between the two beds in the room. Vault 21 is a bit of a maze & getting lost is unfortunately easy…

5. Nellis Air Force Base: Can be found inside the Nellis Boomer Museum at the Nellis Air Force Base on a table to the right of the entrance.

6. Jacobstown: Head to Jacobstown & enter the Jacobstown Lodge; you can find the Snow Globe sitting on top of the reception desk as soon as you are in the building.

7. Hoover Dam: This Snow Globe can be found inside the Hoover Dam Visitor Center at Hoover Dam on the reception desk.

Companions List:

1. ED-E: Found in the Nash Residence in the town Primm. You have 3 different options on how you can fix ED-E, have a: Science of 55 or higher, Repair of 65 or higher, or if we have 3 Scrap Metal, 2 Sensor Modules, & 1 Scrap Electronics. Parts for fixing ED-E can be found inside the Nash Residence, purchased from Venders, or found at Lonewolf Radio in between Goodsprings & Primm to the West.

2. Boone: Boone can be found at the top of the Dino Bite Gift Shop at nighttime in Novac. Speak with him, & he will ask us to help him locate the person responsible for having his wife kidnapped by Caesar’s Legion. You will then receive his Side Quest One For My Baby. Complete the Side Quest to unlock him as a Companion.

3. Veronica: You can find Veronica at the 188 Trading Post near the end of a bridge close to the canteen. Simply chat her up & she will ask to join your party, if we have room for her. Just like that.

4. Cass: Cass can be found at the Mojave Outpost Barracks, sitting at the canteen counter. If you are anything but Very Evil Karma she will offer you the Side Quest Heartache By the Number. To progress this Side Quest, you must go to the Crimson Caravan Company & speak with Alice McLafferty. You will receive the Side Quest You Can Depend On Me from Alice; complete the first task of this Side Quest to also progress Heartache By the Number. After this has been done, return to Cass & convince her to join your party. You either need a Barter Skill of 50 or 75, or a Speech Skill of 50 or 75. Make either Skill Check, & you will be able to recruit Cass.

5. Arcade: Arcade can be found in the Old Mormon Fort in Freeside New Vegas. Enter. In the fort, search around for an NPC wearing a lab coat named Arcade Gannon. There is no Recruitment Quest involved for him, but you will need to have a Speech Skill of at least 75 to get him to party up with you. Complete the Speech Check, & you will have collected another Companion.

6. Raul: Raul can be found locked in the Prison Building at the summit of Black Mountain. Simply locate him & use the terminals inside to release him from his cell. Speak with him & ask him to join your party. Easy.

7. Lily: Lily can be found in the Super Mutant town Jacobstown. Head to the Jacobstown Lodge & speak with Dr. Henry to receive the Side Quest Guess Who I Saw Today; complete it to unlock her as a Companion.

8. Rex: Speak with The King in Freeside Norths the King’s School of Impersonations about his dog Rex to receive the Side Quest Nothin’ But A Hound Dog. Eventually you will have to travel with Rex all the way to the Super Mutant town Jacobstown to speak with Dr. Henry. You can get a brain from Gibson Scrapyard, a Fiend at Vault 3, or at The Fort. Depending on the brain you choose (Gibson Scrapyard Brain = 25% Damage, Fiend Brain = 50% Movement Speed, The Fort Brain = +10 Damage Threshold) you will receive different effects. Get Dr. Henry to implant the brain to get Rex as a permanent Companion.

GRA Challenges:


1. Benefit Or A Hazard: Kill 15 Robots with 5.56mm Pistols.
Farmable. The best locations to find Robotic enemies are REPCONN Headquarters, Crashed Vertibird, & Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters.

2. Ne Ne Ne Ne…: Cripple 5 Right Arms with Shotguns.
Farmable. This is best combined with the GRA ** Challenge White Line Nightmare. Get a Sawed-Off Shotgun (or any Shotgun) & go to the Vault 3 area South West of New Vegas to find a lot of Fiends. Target their Right Arms in VATS.

3. A Slave Obeys: Kill Mr. House with a 9 Iron or Nephi’s Golf Driver.
One Time Only. Kill Mr. House with a 9 Iron or Nephi’s Golf Driver.
A 9 Iron can be purchased at the Mojave Outpost Barracks from Lacey. Go to the Penthouse at the Lucky 38 Casino & hack into Mr. House’s resting place. Tee-off his head with any Golf Club. “A Man Chooses…”

4. You Don’t Belong In This World!: Kill 10 Abominations with Katanas, Dynamite, Machetes, Throwing Spears, Throwing Knives, or Throwing Hatchets.
Farmable. Abominations are Aliens, Centaurs, Deathclaws, Ghost People (Dead Money DLC), Mr. House…, Night Stalkers, Spore Carriers, Spore Plants, Think Tank Robots (Old World Blues DLC), & Tunnelers (Lonesome Road DLC).

5. Overkill: Kill 20 Animals with any Fat Man or Fat Mines.
Farmable. Mutated animals do not count towards this Challenge; only Coyotes, Ravens, & all types of Dog (Wild, NCR, Legion Mongrel, Fiend, White Leg (Honest Hearts DLC), & even Cyberdog?! (Old World Blues DLC))

6. The Same Could Be Said of All Religious Weapons: Kill 15 Feral Ghouls with Maria, Gehenna, or Holy Frag Grenades.
Farmable. Maria can be looted from Benny if you can kill him at The Tops Casino or at The Fort, Gehenna can be purchased from Gun Runners for 12,000 Caps, & the only 3 Holy Frag Grenades can be found in a church basement in the Eastern corner of Camp Searchlight.


1. White Line Nightmare: Kill 20 Fiends, Vipers, or Jackals with Tire Irons, Baseball Bats, Lead Pipes, Machetes, .44 Magnum Revolvers, or Sawed-Off Shotguns.
Farmable. This is best done along with the GRA * Challenge Ne Ne Ne Ne… Take a Sawed-Off Shotgun (along with any assortment of these Weapons) to Vault 3 South West of New Vegas to find a hoard of Fiends to slaughter for this Challenge.

2. Nyah! See?: Kill 10 Chairmen, White Gloves, or Omertas with any Submachine Gun, Light Machine Gun, or Minigun.
Specific Conditions. Gomorrah is the best casino for this Achievement as the Side Quest How Little We Know usually ends up with you shooting up the casino. Bring lots of 10mm ammo with you into the casino & you can find a 10mm Submachine Gun on one of the Dealers on the casino floor. Alternatively, just take any of these Guns with you into a casino, refuse to hand it over, & begin unloading inside.

3. Vault 13’s Revenge: Kill 15 Super Mutants with 5.56mm Pistols, Plasma Defenders, Plasma Grenades, Power Fists, Rippers, or the Bozar.
Farmable. Black Mountain, REPCONN Test Site, or Jacobstown are good locations for finding Super Mutants.

4. Dyin’ Ain’t Much of a Living: Kill 5 members of NCR or Legion hit squads with Weapons affected by the Cowboy Perk.
Farmable. You need to have a Negative Reputation with Caesar’s Legion or the NCR to have hit squad assassins after you. You do not actually need to have the Cowboy Perk, only the specific Weapons the Perk affects. There are more Weapons the Perk affects but the more common ones are Dynamite, Long-Fuse Dynamite, Time Bomb, Combat Knife, Knife, .357 Magnum Revolver, .44 Magnum Revolver, 5.56mm Pistol (GRA), Brush Gun, Cowboy Repeater (obviously), Hunting Revolver, Hunting Revolver (GRA), Lever-Action Shotgun, Ranger Sequoia, & the Trail Carbine.

5. Historical Propriety: Kill Caesar with a Knife or Combat Knife.
One Time Only. Caesar can be found in his tent at the top of The Fort, guarded by a lot of Praetorians. This is a very difficult Challenge.

6. Even a God-King Can Bleed: Cripple Caesar’s head with Throwing Spears.
One Time Only. Even more difficult to complete than the last Challenge. But self explanatory. This is best done with Stealth Boys equipped as it is almost impossible to get “naturally”.

7. Talk About Owned: Kill Benny with his own gun, Maria.
One Time Only. This is a very difficult Challenge. You need to pickpocket Maria off of Benny to be able to kill him without. There is no other way to get the Gun (other than killing him). Benny can be initially found at The Tops casino & This one is hard in way that you have to pickpocket Maria from Benny and for that you need a high sneak level or much luck on your side. Once you got the gun, it only remains for you to kill him and complete the challenge.

8. Sic Semper Tyrannis: Kill President Kimball with any One-Handed Pistol.
One Time Only. This can be accomplished during the Main Quest Arizona Killer through the Caesar’s Legion or Yes Man Main Questline. Simply kill Kimball when he appears during the quest at Hoover Dam with any One-Handed Pistol type Weapon.


1. Man-Machine Interface: Kill 10 Mojave Wasteland Mr. Gutsies or Sentry Bots with Brass Knuckles, Spiked Knuckles, Tire Irons, & Lead Pipes.
Farmable. Switch game to Very Easy Difficulty for an easier time! The best locations to find these Robots is at the REPCONN Headquarters (if you trigger the alarms on every floor) & the Crashed Vertibird. Gutsies can be found around the Nellis Airforce Base but this is best done with the Robotics Expert Perk (50 Science) so you can disable them before killing them (this prevents The Boomers from becoming hostile towards you).

2. Deathclaw Pro Hunter: Kill 5 adult Mojave Wasteland Deathclaws with .22 Pistols, Switchblades, Boxing Tape Recharger Rifles, or Dynamite.
Farmable. Switch game to Very Easy for an easier time! Deathclaws can be found in almost infinite amounts in Quarry Junction & all the way around it. I recommend walking around the outer walls of Quarry Junction as opposed to going inside. Whittle down any Deathclaw (that just has “Deathclaw” as its name) with your best Weapon, then switch to Challenge Weapon to finish it off.

3. Armed For Bear: Kill any 15 named NCR Ranger or commissioned officer (Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, General) with Machetes, Rippers, Chainsaws, Throwing Spears, or Ballistic Fists.
Specific Conditions. This is easier done than the equivalent Challenge for the Legion enemies. We can found named NCR officers at the Mojave Outpost, Primm, Novac, The Strip, Camp McCarren, Camp Golf, Camp Forlorn Hope, Bitter Springs, Hoover Dam, Boulder City, & Ranger Stations Delta, Alpha, Bravo, & Foxtrot.

4. Against All Tyrants: Kill any 10 named Legion members with Hunting Revolvers, Ranger Sequoias, Brush Guns, Service Rifles, Hunting Rifles, or Cowboy Repeaters.
Specific Conditions. Similar to Armed For the Bear but much harder as there is basically only 20 named Legion members in the game. The majority can be found at Cottonwood Cove, Nelson, & The Fort with others scattered around the Mojave.

5. Crackerjack Timing: Kill 10 Mojave Wasteland Cazadores with Tin Grenades, Long Fuse Dynamite, or Time Bombs.
Farmable. Though this is farmable, it is very difficult to do… I am sure you can imagine why… if possible, try to find high ground away from the Cazadores & blow them up before they can fly out of reach. Unfortunately, the weaker Young Cazadores do not count towards the Challenge, they can only be called “Cazadores” to count.