Tomb Raider Guide

Achievements and Multiplayer XP Boost for Tomb Raider

Achievements and Multiplayer XP Boost


This is a guide to explain how to get all the Tomb Raider Achievements. Also the best way to gain XP in multiplayer.



(25% of all documents found)

To unlock this, collect 13 of the 54 Documents throughout the map.


(75% of all documents found)

Collect 40 of the 54 Documents throughout the map. If you look carefully as your playing through the story you can see these scattered all over. Later on, with skills, you will be able to see these using your ‘Survival Instinct’. If you miss any, dont worry, after you complete the story you can travel back to any previous ‘Base Camp’.

Relic Hunter

(25% of all relics collected)

To unlock this, collect 10 of the 42 Relics throughout the map.


(75% of all relics collected)

Again collect more Relics to unlock this, 31 are required out a total of 42. Again using the ‘Survival Instinct’ after unlocking the skill later on you can see these scattered about. Also if you find a Treasure Map for that area it will show you all the locations of the Relics on the map. Once again you can back travel if you missed any.

Looking for Trouble

(25% of all GPS caches found)

Acquire 19 out of the 75 GPS Caches to unlock this achievement.

Bag Full O’ Cache

(75% of all GPS caches found)

Out of the 75 GPS Caches you will need to collect 56 to get this. Again, if you find a Treasure Map it will also show you all the GPS Caches within the area on your map.

No Stone Left Unturned

{All documents, relics, and GPS caches found)

To gain this achievement collect all of the:

  • 54 Documents
  • 42 Relics
  • 75 GPS Caches
Unfinished Business

(One challenge completed)

Complete 1 of the 13 Challenges throughout the game to unlock this.


(All challenges complete)

Complete all 13 Challenges to get this. Each area will require you to do a certain task such as collect mushrooms or burn down flags. Once you do the first part of the challenge it tells you how many are left, i.e. Collect 1 mushroom and it tells you 1/10 acquired so you know you have 10 to find in total. Using ‘Survival Instinct’ also highlights the challenges.

One Smart Cookie

(One optional tomb completed)

Complete one of the optional Tombs. There are a total of 7 throughout the game. The first one you come across is the ‘Tomb of Unworthy’ located in the Mountain Village just after you acquire your new Climbing Axe from Roth.

Intellectually Superior

(All optional tombs completed)

Like the previous achievement, if you complete all 7 optional Tombs you will get this achievement.

The 7 Tomb locations in order and their names:

  • Mountain Village – Night: Tomb of the Unworthy
  • Mountain Village – Day: Halls of Ascension Tomb
  • Shantytown: Well of Tears Tomb
  • Shantytown: Chamber of Judgement Tomb
  • Summit Forest: Stormguard Sanctum Tomb
  • Shipwreck Beach – Day: The Flooded Vault Tomb
  • Shipwreck Beach – Night: Temple of the Handmaidens Tomb

You can use the ‘Cartography’ skill which shows all the entrances to the Tombs on your map.


(5000 pieces of salvage collected)

Each time you kill an enemy, open a chest or salvage box you gain salvage. You can unlock skills that give you more salvage for killing enemies or opening boxes. You can go back and search for any salvage boxes after you complete the story but you shouldnt have any problem completing this before you finish.


(200 enemies looted)

Once you kill an enemy just make sure to loot him (default key is E). There are more than enough enemies within the game to complete this achievement.

Clever Girl

(Purchased all skills in one category)

There are 3 skill trees in the game. Survivor, Brawler and Hunter.

Each tree has 3 Tiers. To unlock each Tier you need to spend a certain amount of skill points. Rookie (Tier 1) is already unlocked at the beginning of the game. Hardened (Tier 2) requires you to spend 7 skill points. Specialist (Tier 3) requires 14 skill points spent.

As you gain xp from killing, looting, exploring and completing challenges you get 1 skill point per level. Just keep gaining xp and you should be able to unlock one of the trees for this achievement.


(Purchased all skills in all categories)

Gain enough xp to unlock all the skills in all 3 trees to get this achievement. Make sure you loot, complete challenges and complete tombs to have enough xp to do this. You might or might not get this before you finish this game depening on how much you complete. If not, just Fast Travel back you complete the story and collect items, do challenges and kill enemies in order to get the rest of the XP to complete this.

Now We’re Getting Serious

(One weapon fully modded and completely upgraded)

Just unlock all of the modifcations for 1 weapon which need salvage to do this. The game has a Bow, Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle and Climbing Axe that require being completely modified/upgraded. Each Weapon also requires you to find ‘Parts’ to upgrade the weapon further. You can find them on enemies, in boxes or after completing an optional Tomb. The bow is the easiest to unlock.

The Professional

(All weapons fully modded and completely upgraded)

Like I stated in ‘Now We’re Getting Serious’ now you have to modify(salvage)/upgrade(parts) all of the weapons. Explore the island as much as possible and you should have no problem upgrading all 4 weapons.

Big Game Hunter

(10 large animals killed and looted)

To unlock this achievement kill and loot 10 Dear, Wolf or Boar throughout the game. Each area has different wild animals.

Tastes Like Chicken!

(10 small animals killed and looted)

To unlock this achievement kill and loot 10 Hare, Rat, Chicken or Crab throughout the game. Each area has different wild animals.

Feather Duster

(10 flying animals killed and looted)

To unlock this achievement kill and loot 10 Seagulls and Crows throughout the game. Each area has different wild animals.

Singleplayer continued…


(50 enemies killed with the bow)

Just kill 50 enemies with the bow to unlock this.

The easiest way I found to get all these weapons kill achievements was to stick with 1 weapon at a time. First start with the bow and get 50 kills. Then move onto the pistol (2nd weapon unlocked). Then the rifle (3rd weapon unlocked) and finally the shotgun (4th weapon unlocked).


(35 enemies killed with the pistol)

Kill 35 enemies with the pistol.

See ‘Predator’ for more details…


(75 enemies killed with the rifle)

Kill 75 enemies with the rifle.

See ‘Predator’ for more details…


(40 enemies killed with the shotgun)

Kill 40 enemies with the shotgun.

See ‘Predator’ for more details…

Sharp Shooter

(50 headshot kills performed in the single player campaign)

Always aim head!! Its mostly always a one shot kill, especially with upgraded weapons. When you get a kill it will display the +XP you get and if you hit the head it will say ‘Headshot’. Just make sure you get 50 by the time you finish the game.

Epic Fumble

(Forced an enemy to drop dynamite that killed two people)

This one is a little tricky to get. What you are looking for is an enemy carring either dynamite or a molotov cocktail. He will need to be close to other enemies at the time as well. Now if happen to find this at certain points in the game, shoot the guy with the explosive just as he is about to throw it. He will then drop the explosive and it should kill him and any enemy that is close to him.

This is also considered missable as there are only a select number of these situations in the game. So be on your guard to spot this when it happens.

Get Over Here!

(5 enemies rope pulled off edges)

Once you unlock the ability to fire rope from your bow try and get this achievement by shooting your rope at enemies close to ledges.
This can be annoying to get as it doesnt always pull enemies off the ledges.


(25 unaware enemies killed)

Playing though the game you get the chance to kill enemies from behind or silently with a weapon without any other enemy noticing. Just make sure to kill the enemy stood at the back or away from others with the bow. There shouldnt be a problem getting this achievement.

Down and Dirty

(15 finishers performed)

To get a finisher you have to be up close within melee range of an enemy. You can do this either two ways. First shoot him in the legs/chest with the pistol to make him go into a downed state. From there run up to him and press F, This will finish him off. The other way is to use your ‘Dodge Counter’ ability that you unlocked, this will counter the enemies attack and if you time it right finish him off.


(10 enemies shot off zip lines)

Another one of these situtational achievements. Throughout the game there are varions ziplines that the enemies come down on. Just make sure to shoot them off for it to count. There is a good point in the ‘Shanty Town’ area where serveral enemies come down on the ziplines. Just be ready.

Former Adventurer

(25 enemies incapacitated with dodge counter)

To be able to do this you will need to have unlocked the skill ‘Dodge Counter’ in the Brawler Tree. Press ‘Shift’ to dodge an enemies melee attack and then press ‘F’ to stab an arrow into their knee, stunning them. Do this 25 times to unlock the achievement.

Solo Multiplayer XP Boost

Solo Multiplayer XP Boost

(27,000 XP in less than 10mins)

Ok before we get onto the multiplayer achievements i just want to tell you that most of these multiplayer achievements can be boosted in a private game with the help of a friend.

Also i have a method below for getting 27,000XP in less than 10mins. So instead of taking around 100+ Hours to get the final multiplayer achievement with this method it will only take around 44+ hours.

Heres the video:


  • Create a Private Game
  • Choose Rescue Mode
  • Choose to Survivor Faction
  • Change Match Options to 20 Medical Packs and 20 Mins Round Time
  • Play Game, Pick up 20 Medical Packs
  • ???
  • Profit (27,000 XP).



(Played a match to completion in all multiplayer modes)

You can either play online in each of the 4 game modes to do this or you can do it on your own. Just set up a private game for each mode, Rescue, Team Deathmatch, Cry For Help and Free For All. Set the timer to 5mins (the lowest possible time) and just wait for the match to end. You cannot go idle while waiting as it will disconnect your for being AFK. So just run around picking up the salvage while you wait.


(20 enemy players killed with a turret in multiplayer)

Find a turret on one of the maps and kill 20 enemies with it. You can do this online or get a friend to join your private match. Let him stand there and you kill him with the turret. Repeat 20 times and your done.

Down Boy!

(Zip-lining enemy killed in multiplayer)

Another achievement that can be done online or in a private game. All you have to do is kill an enemy on a zipline. Easy to do with a bow or if your using rifle/pistol make sure you damage them as much as possible before they jump on the line as sometimes they get off the zipline before you have a change to finish them off.


(Trapped an enemy in multiplayer)

There are various traps in each map, just make sure to activate one or as many as you can and hope an enemy runs over them. Again this can be done with a friend in a private game.


(Survived 10 explosions in multiplayer)

This can be done on your own. You will need to equip a grenade and shoot it a bit infront of you or to the side. Just make sure its not too close or you will kill yourself. Do this 10 times and you unlock the achievement.

Good Samaritan

(Revived a teammate in a multiplayer match)

This has to be done in the Rescue game mode. Just revive a downed member and you get the achievement. It can be done in private mode but you will need another 2 friends to help. 1 on the enemy team and 1 on your team that gets downed.

I’m all that!

(Won a ranked match in every multiplayer mode)

You basically have to play each of the 4 modes, Rescue, Team Deathmatch, Cry For Help and Free For All as a Ranked Game. You also have to win that game. Do this for all 4 modes and the achievement will pop. This CANNOT be done in private as its not classed as a ranked game.

Sole Survivor

(Sole survivor on your multiplayer team)

If playing online, just find a corner somewhere and hope your other 2/3 teammates get killed. If you want to boost this, do so in private with 2 other friends. 1 on the enemy team and 1 on yours that gets killed.

Lights Out

(10 multiplayer enemies killed with the melee attack)

Run close to an enemy and press F, this will melee him. Sometimes it takes 2 attempts, if from behind it will be 1 as it counts as a stealth kill. You can boost this with a friend in a private game if you want.

Master Blaster

(Two multiplayer enemies killed with one explosive)

I did this in a casual game by shooting a barrel that 2 enemies were stood next too. You might not be that lucky so you can get 2 friends to help you in a private match.

Monkey Around

(Survived 3 times in multiplayer by using the rope ascender)

To get this you will need to be on the Solari Faction. If playing online, try and position yourself underneath a zipline, once an enemy starts shooting at you. Press ‘Spacebar’ to jump on the zipline and then press ‘E’ to use the rope Ascender. Do this 3 times for the achievement.

This can be done in a private game with a friend, just make sure your friend shoots you 3/4 times in the leg. Once your screen goes blurry/red, use the rope ascender 3 times.


(New character purchased)

The earliest you can do this is level 8 when you can purchase your first character, Grim.

On My Way Up

(Multiplayer level 10 attained)

All you have to do is reach level 10 in multiplayer. See my multiplayer boosting section above to get this quickly.

True Commitment

(Multiplayer level 60 attained)

You need 1,771,100 XP to get to level 60. Normal multiplayer will take around 30+ hours. Using the method I explained above will take around 15+ hours.


(Purchased all upgrades and characters in multiplayer) – [Patch UPDATED]

Thanks to an update. It is now possible to get this achievement at level 60. Just purchase all weapons. characters and gear at level 60. No longer does it require having to grind to get ‘The General’ unlocked. Also The General has now been moved from Prestige level 3 down to level 2.

This achievement should only take around +12 hours now instead of 44+ ^_^


Boom Goes the Dynamite

(Bundle of dynamite shot out of the air)

Best to use the Shotgun or Rifle for this. In the ShantyTown area, you come across a part where enemies throw lots of explosives at you. Rather than progressing and killing the enemies. Shoot the explosives until you hit one and this achievement pops. Then carry on by killing the enemies. Might take a couple of tries to get this.

Crab Cakes

(FeeFee the crab killed)

This achievement can only be done at ‘Shipwreck Beach’ which you unlock about 3/4 of the way through single player. All you have to do is shoot one of the little orange crabs on the beach.


(All conversations with the Endurance crew completed)

This is another achievement that is classed as a missable one.

You have to talk with all the NPCs at certain points in the story. If you progress without talking to them then you will need to restart the whole story again. So please take note of where and when you need to talk to the NPCs, heres the list:

  • Before opening the dual crank door with Whitman and your upgraded Axe, talk to Whitman. He is stood near the door you have to open.
  • After Roth gives you the Climbing Axe, talk to Roth. He is near the campfire where you take him the medical supplies.
  • When you have to reach the smoke beacon, before descending down the mountain. Talk to Roth. He is sat near the campfire.
  • On Shipwreck Beach during the day and before heading to the Galleon, talk to Sam, Jonah and Reyes.
  • Before heading to the Endurance wreck, talk to Jonah, Sam, Whitman at the camp and Reyes at the back of the boat.
  • The final part is during the night on Shipwreck Beach. Return to the Survivor Camp and speak to Jonas, Reyes and Whitman and this should unlock the achievement. Do this before going up to the research base.