Dishonored Guide

All Blueprints Locations: for Dishonored

All Blueprints Locations:


I will show you all 7 blueprint locations I do not count Piero’s blueprint in Havelock’s room.

High Oversser Campbell

Blueprint 1&2:

After saving Griff from two thugs you can buy SOKOLOV’S FORMULA and LENS MAGNIFICATION for 200 coins.

Blueprint 3:

At the End of the mission there is a building with a rune in it. The blueprint BONDED GALVANI WEAVE is locked under a desk. The key is in a bottle on top of a shelf.

House of Pleasure

Blueprint 4

Go to Dunwall Whiskey Distillery and enter the building where Slackjaw is. In the storage room you can find the bluerpint INCANDESCENT PASTE .

Royal Physician

Blueprint 5

At the biginning of the mission enter the first building and go upstairs and the blueprint FOLDED GALVANI RESIN is on the desk together with a key and a mana potion.

Lady Boyle’s Last Party

Blueprint 6

After getting the invitation for the party you can enter through the door. Turn right to the guard room and the blueprint SPIKED GRENADE HOUSING will be on a desk with “Medicinal Herbs” in the room.

Return to the Tower

Blueprint 7

The blueprint SMALL-SCALE COMBUSTION REFINEMENT is sitting on a table in General Tobias’s room on the second floor.