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All Characters And How To Get Them. for Castle Crashers

All Characters And How To Get Them.


Wait, don’t you get it?CHARACTERSCHARACTERS

Introduction I guess?

Simple basics
-> means beat the game as that person.
That easy.
So yeah, thats it or whatever.

Default Characters

By this I mean beat the game as these characters.

Green Knight -> Royal Guard (First desert stage) -> Saracen (No idea)

Red Knight -> Skeleton (Skeleton) -> Bear (Panda thing with red paw on head.)

Blue Knight -> Industrialist (In the industrial castle) -> Fencer (Also in industrial castle)

Orange Knight -> FIre Demon (Lava world) -> Ninja (Ship level)

Unlock Through Levels/Areas

Beat a certain area to unlock these characters.
Also simple.

Grey Knight – Beat Barbarian Boss. (First Boss)
Grey Knight -> Stoveface (Full Moon person)

Barbarian – Beat King’s Arena
Barbarian -> Beekeeper

Thief – Thieves Arena
Thief – Snakey (Medusa Level)

Cone Head – Volcano arena
[No other unlocks for this person]

Peasent – Peasent’s Arena
Peasent -> Civillian ( =3 )

Icekimo – Ice Arena or whatever it’s called
Iceimo – Brute (Seen like, twice and only in sandwich form)

Alien – Beat Alien Spaceship Level
[No other unlocks]

Insane Mode Unlocks

To activate insane mode, beat the game as somebody. (NO DLC CHARACTERS, THAT INCLUDES HATTY.) It should show a skull on their select screen. Then load that profile and go below the Barbarian Boss stage and select the level named “insane mode”.
Every enemy now has MUCH more health and MUCH more attack.

King – Beat the cave level on Insane

Openface Grey Knight (Shows a little face, no different from Grey Knight) – Beat Catfish On Insane

Necromancer – Beat Industrial Castle On Insane

Cult Minion (Mini Wizards) – Beat Wizard Castle On Insane


I learned most everything from this video
And some experience.

Thanks for reading this, I hope you learned something. Or maybe you read this for spelling mistakes. If you find any, please tell me so I can fix them.

Again, thank you!