Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Alt Virgin Build for Fallout: New Vegas

Alt Virgin Build


Alternative verison of the virgin build.


Strength: 3 (Has never worked out before)
Perception: 8 (Wears glasses to improve his eyesight)
Endurance: 2 (Too weak and frail to handle actual pain)
Charisma: 1 (Never spoke to another human person before)
Intelligence: 10 (The only thing he is good at, thinks intelligence is more important than strength in the wastelands)
Agility: 8 (Your frail and skinny body gives you a insane amount of agility.)
Luck: 8 (Luck is literally the only reason your still alive at this point. Gives you insane critical dmg with your energy guns, powerful enough to kill a deathclaw in 1 hit.)

Tagged Skills

Energy Weapons: Huge sci-fi nerd, the recoil and noise of a real gun is enough to make you piss yourself
Science: Your experience with computers and useless facts make you skilled at science.
Medicine: Your weak as ♥♥♥♥, its a good thing your experienced with medicine. You use your overral intelligence to create drugs, painkillers, and stimpaks.


Small Frame: Your small, skinny, and frail body gives you more AP and makes you extremely agile.
Four Eyes: Your glasses gives you increased eyesight.