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Always Backup Your Files for Castle Crashers

Always Backup Your Files


If you’ve ever gone into statistics and considered resetting anything read this first!


Ok, I know what you’re thinking? Yeah duh, ofc you should backup your files, well trust me not that many people always remember to do that.

Here’s my story, like the idiot I was I went into statistics, I reset ‘Save data’ without realizing the consequences of what I just did. Everything I’d ever done in Castle Crashers, characters, weapons, pets, Everything just poof, into thin air.

What did I do?

Well obviously I just felt really sad, 72 hours of my life put into Castle Crashers all for nothing but a little bit of wisdom and experience.

A crazy idea popped into my head though, save files in Castle Crashers are first saved locally before being uploaded to the cloud. I went to a different computer I hadn’t used in a while, went to
saved them all to a USB and prayed my crazy idea would work. Pasted them onto the computer I normally use and ran the game, to my surprise it actually worked. Granted the save file was a little bit outdated but my main concern was the weapons which were a pain to get.

(The 1st set of numbers should be your STEAM ID, the 2nd set of numbers is the GAME ID)
(I believe that what I did ALSO applies to other games that save in a similar fashion)

In Conclusion

Backup your files every so often, they don’t take up much space and it’s well worth the peace of mind
Do not forget to test that your backups work

Save data resets EVERYTHING
Character data ONLY resets the character you’re currently on the page on
Don’t mistake Y for X either

If you reset character data for example, Blue Knight you still get to keep Industrialist (character unlocked after beating campaign with Blue Knight) as far as I know all character data does is erase the character level and skull but NOT the character you unlocked by using him. (Yes I did try myself)

Thanks for reading and spread the word, don’t do what I did and reset without thinking.