Muck Guide

an actual guide on how to play the game for Muck

an actual guide on how to play the game


ORES:rock – use it as a tool to smack wood, imediately upgrade to wood tools (gray ronk)wood – essential for work benches, tools and most crafting stations (tree, there are mutlitple types)coal – used as fuel in furnaces and to make torch (get from normal ronk or found on the ground)iron – need a wood pickaxe to mine, put in furnace with fuel for iron bar and use it to make anvil for armor and weapons (all ores not only iron) (black ronk)mythrill – same thing as iron, used for tools and armor at anvil (blue ronk)andiamanite (??? idk how its spelled) same as mythrill, at least i think havent went past this anyway (green ronk)mobs:goblin guy has medium Hp and can melle and throw his bonedinosaur guy has little HP and annoying in groups, ez to to dodge and killgolem guy has alot of HP and has 2 attacks, ronk throw and ground smasBIG CHUNK – the boss, spawns on 4th day and is really hard to kill, i recommend a full iron/mythrill set and a good ammount of red and yellow shroomsdinosaur guy except shiny and throws fireballs what the muck is happening at this pointflying lizard wyvern dude guy thing: spawns at about day 7/6 and he can be beat with a bow, he is also super annoyingFOOD:yellow mushroom: give foodred mushroom: give HPpink mushroom: give staminasus rainbow mushroom: give a little bit of allbread is made with wheat, preety goodmeat come from cowmeat go in cauldron = better meatchests/goldall enemies give gold when die, but special gold ronk can be mined and smelted for gold ingot, which can be made into gold koins (very ric h)there are 25 koin chests, 100, and 250, the more expensiv the better powerups.crafting stations:anvil made with ronk and iron used to make iron, mythrill and andiamandite ore tools and armorfletching table go brrr with flint and birch wood make bowcauldron slap some meat and a bowl in there for yummy haha slurp meat stewcrafting table made with 10 wood basicly required to craft wooden tools and building stuffquick tips:creative mode just makes monsters not spawndont stay close to your stuff at night because monsters will prioritise smashing your crafting stations and baseif your not prepared to fight BIG CHUNK just run away (i recommend bunny hoping / strafing)save mushrooms for big fights because theyre the easiest to get and give you a boost in a certain statREVIVING:There is alot of confusion going on around about being able to get revived or not, in singeplayer if you die you die forever, in multiplayer with 2 or more people if 1 person dies at night but 1 or more people survive all the dead people get revived in the morning with their powerups but not items, if all people die in a multiplayer game the game is over and you gotta start from the beggining.SECRETS:Chunkium ore is a rare drom from BIG CHUNK and is used to make good stuffMETAL HIERACHY (Props to switchama) : gold, iron, mythril, then adamantite. adamantite and chunkium are the same.CONCLUSION:this game is dumb and broken and i love it, i still havent discovered some stuff and building was to easy to explain and i didnt cover it, also i havent discovered some of the stuff in this game so this is 100% a begginer guide, hope it helped you and cya gamers-The butter man sends his regards