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An AMAZING new seed for Update 2 for Muck

An AMAZING new seed for Update 2


An amazing new seed found in Update 2 to get you to Mythril day one.

The Seed

So I was trying out some funny seeds with friends when I accidentally came across a really good seed. In this seed there are 5 huts in close proximity with each other, with armor, tools, food, and gold. Now what is this seed called? Well, it’s joebidensballsack . Don’t ask why I put this in, but hey I’m glad I did.

Over all, these are all the things found in the first 5 huts:

  • Steel Helmet
  • Steel Boots
  • Gold Pickaxe
  • Wood Tools
  • 112 Gold
  • 37 Wood
  • 20 Birch
  • 18 Iron Ore
  • 16 Coal
  • 10 Bread
  • 5 Apples
  • 2 Apple Pies

Not to mention you spawn in a forest with every wood type (including dark oak) with a mythril patch near the second set of huts. This seed basically gets you to mythril day 1, and adamantite day 2 or 3. Thank you mr. president, your balls are an amazing seed on muck.