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Another Level Up Guide for Castle Crashers

Another Level Up Guide


Yes, It’s another level up guide. But this one has a combination of all the others plus my own experiance.

The ‘Cheaters’ Way to Level Up

You need the boomerang for this
Go to Industrial Castle and get to the end where you fight the boss. When one of his 5 tubes go up throw your boomerang next to the tube and quickly go behind the tube so the boomerang will hit the tube. It will constantly give 1 damage, which equals 1 XP.

The Troll Boost

Like most ways to level up, this is better on insane mode
If you have the giraffe, equip it. It will give you more XP
Start up Thieve’s forest, and get to the end where you have to fight the troll boss. He will spawn alot of little trolls, which is what you need. Keep on killing the little spawned trolls with your sword as long as you please. When you have leveled up enough, either die or kill the boss.

I hope this guide helped, as it is my first.

Here’s the video I promised.