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At a Loss For Words for Fallout: New Vegas

At a Loss For Words


This series of videos detail how to complete the At a Loss For Words, 100 Speech Failures Challenge. I will also be completing every Challenge in the game including obtaining the secret Perk: Meat of Champions. This guide is made for Very Hard, Hardcore mode, but the information should prove helpful for any difficulty. I will also be covering a variety of secrets, item locations, and character build strategy.

At a Loss For Words 1 “The Doc’s Secret Stash”

This series of videos will help you obtain the At a Loss For Words Challenge on Very Hard, Hardcore Mode on Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition.

In this first video you will learn how to set up your character to get 1 Speech Check failed and 3 Speech Checks passed before leaving Doc Mitchell’s. You will also learn how to get 10-16 bonus sticks of dynamite and 8 additional starting stimpaks.

At a Loss For Words 2 “Pillaging, Plundering, and Looting!”

In my second episode we will be looting, pillaging, and plundering Goodsprings! Our first major goal is to get the Intelligence Implant before reaching Level 2 and it is important to get our wallets flush with caps.

Although I don’t get any Speech Success or Failures during this episode, I respec my build. Through the course of this episode I explain the various reasons why I choose to spec my character in the following way:

Strength 5
Perception 5
Endurance 9
Charisma 1
Intelligence 6
Agility 9
Luck 5

Tag: Lockpick, Repair, Unarmed
Traits: Logan’s Loophole, Wild Wasteland

At a Loss For Words 3 “Sloan’s Secret Surprise!”

In this third episode we will be looting the Goodsprings General Store before taking to the road and heading to Goodsprings Source and Sloan.

In this episode we get 1 Speech Failure from talking to Snuffles in Sloan. 2/100 Speech Failures so far, we will be getting more once we get to other towns.

We also loot Sloan, and I show a SECRET stash of Pulse Grenades! In addition we get the Dean’s Electronics and the Duck and Cover! skill books.

At a Loss For Words 4 “Dancing With Deathclaws!”

In Episode 4 we stop and chat with the friendly Super Mutant Neil gaining 1 more speech failure. Afterwards we dodge Deathclaws as we dash towards the safety of Freeside. Before heading to Freeside we head over to the 188 Trading Post and befriend Veronica, our new traveling companion.

At the 188 we fail 2 more speech checks, bringing our At a Loss For Words Challenge progress to 5/100. We finish the episode by stopping at Durable Dunn’s Caravan to pick up some free combat armor to outfit ourselves and Veronica with.

At a Loss For Words 5 “Looking Good In Eulogy Jone’s Hat!”

In this episode I enter Freeside and talk to Rotface and buy 11 tips from him to spawn Eulogy Jone’s Hat. I then talk to Max to get 1 more Speech Failure.

I then enter Mick and Ralphs and loot everything that isn’t bolted down and then steal Eulogy Jone’s Hat from Rotface. Afterward I get 2 more Speech Failures from talking to Mick and Ralph. That brings our total Speech Failures so far in this series to 8/100.

At a Loss For Words 5 1/2 “Story Time with Veronica”

BONUS Episode 5.5! In this episode we get to know Veronica better. This episode has little to do with our main goal of 100 Speech Failures, but Veronica was pestering me to get a chance to be the star of the show. So tell these fine folks about yourself Veronica!

At a Loss For Words 6 “Me Am Smarter Now”

In Episode 6 of my At a Loss For Words Walkthrough after demonstrating how to use a Mojave Express Dropbox I head for the Atomic Wrangler to gamble up to 4800 caps.

In the Atomic Wrangler I get 2 Speech Failures by talking to James Garret. I then talk to Hadrian and get 1 more Speech Failure. Bringing us to a total of 11 Speech Failures out of 100.

After playing 9 games of Blackjack, I finish up gambling by playing Roulette. With enough caps finally I head to the New Vegas Medical Clinic to get the Intelligence Implant. While there I explain how to avoid the Donate to Followers Glitch.

I finally reach Level 2:
I add +14 Repair (48 Repair skill).
And take the Intense Training Perk (+1 Strength)

I explain my reasons for choosing the Perk during the video.

At a Loss For Words 7 “Freeside, Den of Scum and Villainy”

In Episode 7 I head to the Old Mormon Fort and talk to Arcade Gannon for 1 more Speech Failure. I get the quest High Times from Julie Farkas and then talk to Dixon for 1 more Speech Failure.

After that we head to the King’s to try and meet the King himself, but get turned away by Pacer for an additional 1 more Speech Failure. I head to the Atomic Wrangler and talk to Francine Garret to get 2 additional Speech Failures.

Afterwards I loot the Atomic Wrangler and then finish out the Episode by completing the Double Down Challenge, the One Armed Bandit Challenge, and the Little Wheel Challenge. Putting me at almost Level 3 and 16/100 Speech Failures.

At a Loss For Word 8 (Part A) “Scary, Scary Lady…”

In this Episode I score the jackpot at Roulette and score a cool 7k caps. I head over to the New Vegas Medical Clinic to get the Perception and Luck Implants, so that I can get Better Criticals Perk later.

After that I head over to the Silver Rush and meet the Van Graffs. I get the second trigger for Veronica’s companion quest.

Due to issues with this episode, I am splitting it into 2 parts. I apologize for the inconvenience.

At a Loss For Words 8 (Part B) “Feel Free to Clobber Him Veronica!”

In this Episode, I stop by the Mole Rat Ranch for a quick level. I reach Level 3 and boost my Repair skill to a 61. The reason for this is to qualify for the Hand Loader Perk as early as possible.

After that I head to the Northern Passage to obtain a whooping 9 Speech Failures, bringing our current total to 25/100 Speech Failures. Not bad for only Episode 8!

At a Loss For Words 9 “Witchcraft! Witchcraft and Devilry I Say!”

In this Episode I return to Goodsprings to take the tutorial quest with Sunny Smiles only to find devilry and trickery are afoot…

After many strange events I manage to complete the tutorial, although I will probably need years of therapy after all the horrifying experiences I endured. I also complete the Barton the Fink side quest and encounter the Wild Wasteland event Johnny Five-Aces.

At a Loss For Words 10 “Caravan For Dummies”

Afterwards I head to Trudy to turn in the quest By a Campfire on the Trail. I obtain 1 more Speech Failure by talking to Joe Cobb, this puts our total at 27/100 Speech Failures. I reach Level 4.

Level 4
+1 Repair (62 Repair Skill)
+13 Lockpick (45 Lockpick Skill)

At a Loss For Words 11 “Cazadors and Deathclaws and Fire Geckos! Oh My!”

In this Episode I head to Red Rock Canyon by heading north of Goodsprings. I end up fighting Cazadors, Fire Geckos, and a Young Deathclaw on the way there.

Once I reach Red Rock Canyon I head to the Red Rock Drug Lab and obtain 5 more Speech Failures reaching a total of 32/100 Speech Failures.

At a Loss For Words 12 “Boom Goes the Dynamite!”

In this Episode I complete the Ghost Town Gunfight quest. I talk to the various people in town to get 5 more Speech Failures bringing my total up to 37/100.

I reach Level 5 and put 13 more points in Lockpick bringing the skill to 38.

At a Loss For Words 13 “Doing Bad Things in Goodsprings”

In this episode I reach level 6 and pick the Cannibal Perk. I add enough skill points into Unarmed to get it to 50.

I also finish up various tasks in and around Goodsprings, including meeting Malcolm Holmes. I get my Goodsprings Reputation to Wild Child which gives me a substantial discount with Chet.