Castle Crashers® Guide

Automatic Xp Farm! for Castle Crashers

Automatic Xp Farm!


Are you bored of grinding in Castle Crashers? Or you just need to catch up to your buddy? Well this is the guide for you!

What you will need and how to get it!(Bi-Polar Bear)

This method has been patched, after a few minutes you’ll be kicked back to the map. However, the other farming methods at the bottom still work.

What you will need to start!

All you need to start farming is access to Wizard castle interior, and the Bi-Polar Bear.

1. To get Bi-Polar Bear progress through the story in tell you reach Snow world.

2. Then progress through Snow world up to this cave and blow your horn near the sign. Bi-Polar Bear should come out of the cave. (I already have him equiped)
Now you have a key part of automatic farming, Bi-Polar Bear!

How to automatically farm in single player!

Single player farming!

The Process of Farming

1.Equip Bi-polar bear. Go to Wizard castle Interior and fight your way to the room with four doorways.
2.Go into the first doorway and fight the painter boss in tell he’s around 40% health, you’ll know this when he starts running around and paintings spawn without his help. Now kill two or three paintings yourself and then stand in a corner and let Bi-polar Bear do his work, you will slowly gain xp without doing anything.

Congrats, you now know an automatic farming solution to your singleplayer Xp needs!

How level up quickly! (It’s not automatic but is more efficient)

There are more efficient ways of leveling up, here are a few!

a.Go Theives Forest and get to the sawmill.
b. Mother troll(Boss) will come out of the sawmill, ignore her and kill the little trolls around her with rapid melee attacks.
c.Once you go into insane mode you can farm the trolls for even greater amounts of Xp!

2.Insane Catfish
Requirements: You are a fencer or Industriest. High magic skills. Normal skull.
b.Go to the Catfish boss in insane mode and use your magic on him when his mouth is closed.

3.Painter Boss
a. Go to wizard castle interior and fight the painter boss.
b. Kill the painter and destroy the big crystal.
c. Go through the same door has before and the painter boss should respawn.
(Also works in insane mode, also gives you lots of money)