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Autumn Leaves Walkthrough for Fallout: New Vegas

Autumn Leaves Walkthrough


This is the walkthrough for Autumn Leaves taken from the mod’s walkthrough on the files page.(link to mod page:https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/50146/)Autumn Leaves belongs to BaronVonChateau.Fallout New Vegas belongs to Bethesda Softworks.

Autumn Leaves Walkthrough

-Get in the library, get comfortable, you’ll be checking most of the rooms for several quests.
Here is the critical path walkthrough, all the rest is optional but highly recommended.
If you only follow the directions here, you will miss a great deal of the story.

Quest : Treat Me Nice

-Speak to James, downstairs, talk about everything, he should tell you you can ask Rolland for a room upstairs.

-Talk to Rolland in the Common Room, ask him for a room.

-Check in your room. Once in the living quarters (past Rolland’s office), it’s down the middle corridor, first door on the right. Get in, look around.
(Optional) Talk to the Terminal
(Optional) Talk with Rolland and learn about Piper

Quest : Down In The Valley

-Go talk to James again, he will ask your help with looking for holotapes.

(Optional) There is one on one of the table in James’ room (the atrium), one in Rolland’s Room (on the table), one in the cafeteria (near a pile of book and a radio), and one in the classroom (Upstairs, North room) under a desk.
Listen to them in the Pip-Boy.

-All those points either one of those keys : in the cafeteria, behind the plant near the north exit, cigarettes everywhere / in one hole of the pool table on the right, just north of the cafeteria.

-Go to Dexter room in the Living quarter : middle corridor right when you go in, door on the left

-Take the holotape in the room and bring it to James

Quest : Gotta Dig Myself a hole

-James gives you the Key to Andretti’s room (Living Quarters, right corridor, first door right)

-Go there, check through the papers until Darren more about himself

(Optional) check behind the desk or on the desk (if your Intelligence or Perception is high enough) to find the map to Darren’s Stash (World Map)

(Optional) go there (get out of the Library, then go directly on your left, up the hill) find the campment, loot and read what’s there.

-Give James your interpretation

Quest : A Fellow on a Furlough

-Upstairs, in the classroom, take one of the syringe that’s on one of the desk (alongside some glasses)

-Go talk to Helena, show her the syringe, read all of the tree dialogs

-Go talk to Rolland, force him to tell you where Robson is, using the syringe as proof of danger

-Once you got the key, go through the living quarters, open the door on the left, on the right corridor.

-Read Robson’s papers on the desk


-Talk to James

OPTIONAL Quest : Do you Not See the Sign ?

-Check one of the two big “Peculiar Crates” on the second floor.

-Go talk to Rolland, don’t lie to him.

-Get him one Weapon Repair Kit. There’s one in Arthur’s room (right in front of Arthur), another in your own room. (Between the wall and the desk, on the left side.)
Or craft it.

-First hint is down one of the toilet in the next room.

-Second hint is on the tree, in the center of the Atrium (get close to the trunk, then look up)

-Keycard is next to a earth globe, in the north eastern branch, going from the center of the room.

-Check the laundry/utility room. There’s a pile of scrap in its center, check it.

-Talk to Rolland, then talk to James

-Challenge Rolland. If you have no particular skill. Go the “You won’t survive outside” – “It’s not about violence” – “How will you sustain” – [Bluff] “We can survive this way, too” – “We settle with chewing energy cells”

-You can now ask Rolland where the caps really are.

OPTIONAL Quest : I Ain’t Honky Tonkin’ Anymore

-Accept that Helena will check your brain and agree to undertake a therapy.

-Find the Count of Ponte Risquo, talk to Rolland about it and find the book on a table, in the large north-eastern room, first floor.

-Once read, go to Helena

-Go read “Ignacius Page Case Study”, it’s on a Biology shelf, downstairs, north-western row of books, starting from the center. (Large Light-blue-covered book)

-Go talk to Helena again.

-Go read the last book in your room.

-Go talk to Helena. You answers will determine your reward.

-Don’t cut the conversation short

-Continue the Main Quest until “SKy is tumbling”, then go talk to Helena. Tell her she seems kind of distressed.

-Finish “Do You Not See the Sign?” and talk with Rolland on why does he provoke Helena. Once you talked about the soul issue, talk to Helena about it. Tell her you know your deal with souls.

-Talk to the Maintenance Bot (once he’s given his personality module) about Rolland, and the fact that he thinks that they have souls. Talk to Helena again about it. Persuade her that The Maintenance Bot knows about her own inner turmoils.

-Speak with James several times until he sings “The Falling Leaves…” and talk about it with Helena.

-She should ask you to converse with her on her next greetings. Listen to her without trying to break her morale, and you’ll have the best ending for Helena.

Quest : Sky is tumbling

-Get the key to the basement, go talk to Edgard, (once downstairs, go straight ahead until a fork, there, turn right and go to Edgard’s room)

-Talk to Edgard of Cecilia and Robson

-Now you can open every vent in the library and crawl through them

-Check through all the vents until you find the workshop. There, take the Personality Module (red double broched thing).

-In the vent in the room near the entrance of the basement, a vent will take you to the Sanctuary. Not much to see for now except for Cecilia’s Stuff behind a large crate.

-Take the Corrupted Holotape and take it to James

Quest : Autumn Leaves

-Go to the room with the skeleton, downstairs, fumble through the books on the ground until you find a broken syringe and (Optional) a Deputy Badge.

-Take it to Helena, ask her about it

-Take the Personality module from the basement to the Maintenance Bot, connect it back to him.

-Talk to him about the death of his master and how you need your help.

-Tell him that you think the Librarian was killed by one of his creation and bring the syringe topic to him as proof

-You should now be able to get into the Professor’s chamber in the Sanctum (where you found Cecilia’s holotape)

-Get all the holotapes there : one on the main desk near the terminal, another in the room on the coffee table

-Go talk to Maintenance Bot about it

-Confront James

-Confront Arthur

Depending on your choices earlier, some options will be available to you (depending on James trust, and on what you said or did, they will be open to some of your suggestions or not.)

To Get The Best Possible Ending

-Finish completely “Do You Not See the Sign?”
-Finish “I ain’t Honky-Tonkin”
-Convince Arthur that he’s flawed. There’s several path. For each of these Skill you’ve got at a certain threshold [Speech, Sneak, Repair, Medicine, Barter, Science] you can retry convincing him.
-One path to convince him is “Your Personality Module has corrupted your ways, Arthur. You are wrong about a lot of things.” then First answer, then Second, then First, then First, then Third, then First, then the one your feel is the most right.
-Good Job, Arthur is now a true oversized toaster!
-Talk to James. If you want to be nice, give him the holotape that you got from the Professor’s terminal. If not, do as you wish.
-Talk to Rolland and give him the same Holotape.

Get out of the Library, and enjoy the ending Slideshow !