Batman: Arkham City – Game of the Year Edition Guide

Batman: Arkham City | Good Place For Mods for Batman: Arkham City GOTY

Batman: Arkham City | Good Place For Mods


these are not my files. they were uploaded my MR JAG (Just Arkham Games)Click the link below to be taken to his google drive mod collection skins also require texmod. download is below installation tutorial (you need to watch this to make the skins compatible with the game)

Why I Made This…

i put this here cause i’ve been enjoying Arkham City but felt it needed some more skins, thankfully Mr Jag has loads on his thread.

Also. these mod files are not viruses, i put them here for an easy shortcut for more suits



links are also below to download the mods in the photos – if the links not working. add me and i’ll pass the mod you want (if i’m online)

TDKR Batman (uncheck space in link)

TDKR Nightwing

TDKR Robin

Batman Begins Suit Reborn

White Beyond Suit

Darth Maul Robin

Arkham Knight Styled Batman

Bruce Lee For Nightwing – Has Two Head Options
[link] (Nightwing Head version)
[link] (Wei Shen version)

Batman Begins Skin

2039 Style

V8.05 Prestige “240%” Batsuit