Muck Guide

Begginer guid for Muck for Muck

Begginer guid for Muck


Hello, I want to help you find your way in this game because I know that it is quite difficult at the beginning …Let’s start then!-When you enter the world, try to make progress as early as possible, because the faster you are, the easier it will be to defeat the enemies on the first night.-Try to find the metal and make an ax with that metal, because they will kill your enemies from 2 blows on the first day.-Play with friends, I know it sounds stupid, but friends can help you a lot, distribute and sell materials and that will speed up the process.-Don’t be afraid to go far from home, because that way you can find a lot of things that will help you.-Looking for houses, you can find a lot of useful things in them, such as axes, cramps, wood, metal and other …-At the beginning it will be easiest for you to survive on the ship, just climb it up and the enemies will not be able to reach you .. (You can find the ship with the help of a map or if you are lucky by simply exploring the map)-When looking for a good place to build a house, you must find a place from which you can easily escape in case of danger and a place that has a lot of materials because they will help you a lot ..-Try to make a sword as soon as possible because it is the easiest way to kill enemies with it …-You must have, you don’t have to, but it would be good to have armor before the 6th day, because then dangerous enemies start to appear that can easily kill you.-Enjoy the game, because if you don’t enjoy it, it will be difficult for you to make any progress.—————-I hope that I made it a little easier for you to start playing and that you learned something from this. Enjoy …

Just the begginer guid for Muck

I hope you will like it