Muck Guide

Begginers guide for Muck

Begginers guide


This guide is just some basic things about the game you might want to knowFor more in depth information visit another guide or this wiki page – a comment if I got something wrong

Hosting, joining and setting up the game settings

On the main screen press “Host lobby” to create a lobby
There are 2 ways to let your friends join
A) Open the steam overlay (Press Shift + Tab), right click on the friend you would like to invite and then press “invite lobby”
B) In the bottom right of your screen press “copy to clipboard” and paste into your messaging app so your friends can use the code. If you have the person you want to play with next to you in real life click “click to reveal” to uncensor the code.

If your friend has invited you through steam, go to your steam DMs with them and press join game under the Muck invite
If your friend has sent you the code. Copy and paste it into the Lobby ID box on the main screen then press “join lobby”

Game options
Easy – Bosses spawn on night 6, Night 12 and all nights after. Enemies have low health and damage.
Normal – Bosses spawn on night 5, Night 10 and all nights after. Enemies have Normal health and damage.
Gamer – Bosses spawn on night 3 and all nights after. Enemies have High health and damge.

Player damage
Off – Players can not deal damage to eachother
On – Players can deal damage to eachother

Game mode
Survival – The standard muck experience
Versus – A battle royale game
Creative – Days don’t pass, monsters will not spawn at night, enemy damage is decreased


The workbench lets you make basic tools, armour, building parts and stations
The anvil allows you to make metal armour and weapons
The cauldron allows you to cook food
The furnace smelts ores to make ingots


Bars at bottom left
The top bar is your health
The middle bar is your hunger
The bottom bar is your energy

Middle left stats
The top counter is your coin counter
The middle is the clock
The bottom is your day counter

Bottom left Hotbar
These are the items you can switch between using your number keys
Move items to the bottom of your inventory to put them in your Hotbar

Top right stat boosters
This will display all stat boosters you have found in chests