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Beginners Guide to Muck for Muck

Beginners Guide to Muck


Your first step in Muck is getting a rock so you can beat some trees for wood. Fortunately, a blue circle will appear on your screen showing where a rock is that you can grab. Follow the blue circle until you find a rock that you can pick up by pressing E when looking at it. Now you’ll want to break some trees labeled “Tree” with your rock to get some wood. If you try to break a stronger tree like a Birch one, you’ll need more advanced tools.Regardless, continue following the tutorial tips to make a Workbench where you can create actual tools. Now all you need to do is get 10 Wood to create 10 Bark at your Workbench. You can find Bark under the Basic tab under the Workbench. Once you have 10 Bark and 10 Wood, head over to the Tools tab where you can make a Wooden Axe and Pickaxe. You’ll want these tools to speed up your resource gathering.Continue upgrading your tools to unlock new armor and weapon recipes as you make progress. For example, use your Wooden Pickaxe to break dark Iron rocks and then smelt that ore into bars. Eventually, you can make an Anvil and start crafting more impressive gear.