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Best way to takedown Deathclaws for Fallout: New Vegas

Best way to takedown Deathclaws


Are you tired of Deathclaws blocking your adventerous spirit of exploring every inch of the Mojave wasteland? Are those pesky Deathclaws getting in the way of that sweet loot? Do you want to show those Deathclaws who is alpha male/female of the Mojave?. If you answered yes to any of these questions then this guide is for you!. In this guide I will show you the best way to take out deathclaws. (in my opinion)>>WARNING<< You will need to have the Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC installed for this guide to be valid to you.

Step #1: Skill and Cap requirements

You will need a hefty guns skill so your scope won’t be wobbling like you’re holding a log. I estimate it should be above 50 or 60. You will need about 7,000 for the gun and about 7,700 for all the gun modifications, the gun and mods are about 15,000 caps combined unless you have a good barter skill.

Step #2: The weapon

The weapon you will need is the Anti-Materiel rifle, this one will need to be the Gun Runners’ Arsenal (GRA) Version. It can be purchased from the Vendortron at Gun Runners for about 7,500 caps.

Step #3: Ammunition

You will need .50 MG Explosive ammo, and quite a bit of it. This ammo is a little expensive, its average cost is like 50 caps per round. If you have been scrounging the Mojave or managed to grab a couple of gold bars in the Dead Money DLC, this shouldnt be a problem for you 😉

Step #4: Modifications (Optional)

If you want your gun to be tricked out, heres a list of mods you can put on the rifle.

Anti-mat.rifle CF Parts reduces weight by 7 pounds. Base value: 2,200 caps

Anti-mat. rifle custom bolt, increases rate of fire by 20% Base value: 3,000 caps

Anti-mat. rifle supressor, minimizes chance of being detected when fired Base value: 2,500

Step #5: Aftermath of the rifle

These screenshots show you what this rifle is capable of. Here you can see a dead Deathclaw mother and an Alpha Male.


Thank you ladies and gentlemen for stopping by to read my guide 🙂 I hope it helps you in your journey through the Mojave!. Don’t forget to favorite, rate, like and share with your friends so that they too can know how to defeat Deathclaws!. Have a nice day! -Zackattack