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Bonus Levels! (How To Unlock!) for Coloring Pixels

Bonus Levels! (How To Unlock!)


Thank You For Reading First Of All. Now I Will ExplainSo In The Bonus Section You Will Be Asked To Check Out The Developer’s Social Media… Don’t Be Scared Just Click Them And It Should Open The Browser You Use Or Have Open. Simply Close The Tabs And Come Back Into The Game! Now You Have Those Massive Levels To Play Through. Tank Game Is Pretty Fun. Have Fun!(PLEASE KEEP IN MIND TO SUPPORT THE DEVS AND HELP THEM CONTINUE MAKING/WORKING ON THIS GAME)

The original description but without caps on every single first letter

Thank you for reading first of all. Now I will explain

So in the bonus section you will be asked to check out the developer’s social media… don’t be scared just click them and it should open the browser you use or have open. Simply close the tabs and come back into the game! Now you have those massive levels to play through. Tank game is pretty fun. have fun!