Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Bug fixes and remaster mods only for Fallout: New Vegas

Bug fixes and remaster mods only


A list of mods for someone playing New Vegas for the first time, and so strive to preserve the vanilla vision without all the horrible stutters and crashes.


I’m going to detail all the mods I have tracked down and installed for the last 3 days so that if anyone else wants to play FONV they won’t have to waste so much time like I did. There are already other vanilla guides out there of course, but they haven’t been updated for so long that a lot of links are broken, and some mods have been superseded by better ones later down the line.

Since I only want a vanilla experience, only bug fixes and remaster mods are included with 1 exception: Better Pickup Prompt. I will explain why later.

I recommend using Mod Organizer 2[www.nexusmods.com] (MO2 henceforth) for mod installation so that you can attach and detach the mods easily and don’t have to worry about making a backup of the original game file before installing.

TL;DR: Here’s the final list of mods. There’re also the Ogg Vorbis Libraries, 4GB Patcher and New Vegas Script Extender installed directly in the game folder.

New Vegas Script Extender

Source: [link]

Originally posted by Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel, Paul Connelly, and Hugues LE PORS:

…expands the scripting capabilities of Fallout: NV.

The base for many mods below, it adds a plethora of new functions for modders to use. Truly a godsend.

This one you must install directly to the game folder, so if you’re playing FONV on Steam, remember to reinstall it after doing a force-recheck. Skip the part about starting the game through nvse_loader.exe since another mod will also take care of that below.

Also, using MO2 or put it directly in the installation folder, create a file called NVSE_Config.ini in DataNVSE and put this inside:

[Memory] DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB=496

FNV 4GB Patcher

Source: [link]

Originally posted by Scott:

…making your Fallout New Vegas 4GB aware and automatically load NVSE if present.

Yeah, FONV only recognized 2GB of RAM at first. Don’t ask me why.

Ogg Vorbis Libraries

Source: [link]

Originally posted by KaneWright:

Latest compiled Ogg Vorbis Libraries. The game uses it for decoding оgg audio format.

Actually, I’m pretty sure you can just go to the Ogg Vorbis Libraries website and download them yourself. But this is more convenient.


Source: [link]

Originally posted by Jef:

…adds 800+ new functions…includes numerous engine bug fixes/tweaks, and restores several broken game features.

An extension for an extension. Another godsend. Players, note the bQttSelectShortKeys section to update it to your liking.

User Interface Organizer

Source: [link]

Originally posted by Jef:

…ensure UI extensions are always properly installed…automatically detect, resolve and prevent UI-related issues.

More of a safeguard feature, this extension ensure any UI/HUD mod installed will work in harmony with other mods.

Yukichigai Unofficial Patch

Source: [link]

Originally posted by Yukichigai:

A compilation of vital bug fixes

Yup. The one and only YUP. If you ever decide to install one, and just one, patch for this game, this is the one you grab.

Unofficial Patch NVSE

Source: [link]

Originally posted by TrueVoidwalker:

Fixes a lot of bugs/oversights that require NVSE or otherwise didn’t make it into YUP.

To err on the safe side for a vanilla experience, I recommend this instead of Unofficial Patch Plus.

New Vegas Anti Crash

Source: [link]

Originally posted by Queued:

..reduce frequency of game crashes.

It spoke. It delivered.

New Vegas Stutter Remover

Source: [link]

Originally posted by skyranger-1:

..improve worst-case performance. Which helps with some stability issues too.

I’m sure no full modding guide will ever leave this mod out, and I ain’t intend to be the first.

If you are running Windows 10 AND have a problem with this mod AND don’t want to tinker around a bit with .ini files, try New Vegas Tick Fix[www.nexusmods.com].

Precision Collision – Clutter NV

Source: [link]

Originally posted by Erik:

…lets you stack stuff without items floating, and lets you pack stuff tighter and make better piles of items. Add usable space to shopping cart, empty barrels etc. Also fixes items moving around without visually making contact.

Bet you will love this:

Neat. Here’s with no mod:

Collision Meshes

Source: [link]

Originally posted by KiCHo666:

This mod fixes some of the worst collision meshes in the game!

Now you can shoot through car’s window, or through the fences. Isn’t that great?

Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod

Source: [link]

Originally posted by Scott:

I was tired of the weapons having iron sights that were actually down and to the left of where center actually is…

We were, too.

Fix for the Caesar Legion Armors

Source: [link]

Originally posted by Yan:

100% approved by the mighty Caesar.

Since the first time you noticed it, New Vegas has never looked the same anymore.

Simple Saves

Source: [link]

Originally posted by PushTheWinButton:

A lightweight mod that automatically creates saves every 5 minutes (by default) and when you level up.

Save corruption sucks.

Better Pickup Prompt

Source: [link]

Originally posted by Ladez:

Makes several improvements to the HUD pickup prompt that appears when you look at an item.

Arguably not a bug fix, but a vast improvement when you travel the wasteland and decide to just hoard everything. And occasionally saves your life too.

Vanilla Loading Screens HD

Source: [link]

Originally posted by frosty-theaussie:

Doubles the resolution of the textures of loading screen artwork

Finally, we’re done with the bug fixes. Time for the remasters.

Pause Menu HD

Source: [link]

Originally posted by pilamin:

HD remake of the vanilla pause background

It’s the little things that count.

Vanilla UI Plus

Source: [link]

Originally posted by axonis:

…greatly improves the user interface without compromising the original style.

Picking up the works since Obsidian don’t have time to update the HUD for PC gamers. This is one of the mods that I only installed after having play through the game a bit and realized the UI is really for console only.

Vanilla HUD Remastered (4K)

Source: [link]

Originally posted by BmanBlazer:

…update the HUD for 1080p resolutions or higher

If you don’t have a 1080p monitor, you don’t have to install this one. But save money to buy a decent monitor in the future, okay?

Vanilla HUD Remastered Patch

Source: [link]

Originally posted by axonis:

Patches Vanilla HUD Remastered to retain compatibility with the latest VUI+ features.

Honorable Mentions

Water Consumed Stat Fix

Source: [link]

Originally posted by Asterra:

Makes the “Water Consumed” general stat actually work as intended.

But who cares about this stat? The creator, apparently.

Unnecessary Physics

Source: [link]

Originally posted by KiCHo666:

Adds more detailed physics to many movable objects in the game.

Even the creator knows it’s unnecessary. I mean, this isn’t Garry’s Mod. That said, I would have installed it for kicks and giggles if it didn’t conflict with the mesh mods, but it does.

FNV BSA Decompressor

Source: [link]

Originally posted by Scott:

Decompresses the Fallout New Vegas BSAs and repacks them without zlib compression for performance, Also transcodes the .ogg sounds effects to .wav so they work. It also extracts any mp3 files to loose files because they will not play when in a BSA.

“This one is really good for performance” they said, but install it through MO2 isn’t as straightforward as the other mods so I put it here. Here’s a guide. If you get the error

fail to write

when try to use MO2’s INI Editor, go to said file through Explorer and uncheck its “Read-only” property.
Note the correct line to insert into fallout.ini is

SArchiveList=Fallout – Invalidation.bsa, Fallout – Textures.bsa, Fallout – Textures2.bsa, Fallout – Meshes.bsa, Fallout – Meshes2.bsa, Fallout – Voices1.bsa, Fallout – Sound.bsa, Fallout – Misc.bsa

Either you set it to read-only, to re-insert it every time you launch the game launcher or Steam because they override the setting.

OneTweak for FNV

Source: [link]

Originally posted by virusek:

Alt-tab functionality, Double Cursor fix, and of course Borderless Windows.

I hate it when Alt-Tabbing every Bethesda game it either crashes violently, lags horribly or in FONV’s case, loops the sound to eternity. In my case I just set the game to Borderless Window, but if your computer isn’t strong enough this mod fixes that issue with minimal reduction in performance.

Honorable Mentions, Untested Edition

Asterra’s Many Fixes

Source: [link]

Originally posted by Asterra:

Fixes a lot of things not covered by Yukichigai Unofficial Patch.

Man’s got a hell of an attention to details. Grab these 2 files (check the file tab):

  • Asterra’s Many Fixes with Fixes For Minor Annoyances
  • Asterra’s Many Fixes – Collision Meshes compatibility

Charge’s FNV HD Texture Packs

Source: [link]

Originally posted by DcCharge:

All textures are 2 to 4 times the original resolution.

AI upscaling always mess with tiny little details and the author has a big list of unfix issues there so I’m not too keen on this one. But maybe you will like it.

Better Pickup Prompt (NVSE)

Source: [link]

Originally posted by c6:

In-engine implementation of a famous Better Pickup Prompt without an .esp or .xml edits.

I should probably use this one instead of the original mod for my next playthrough.

Disintegrations Stat Fix (NVSE)

Source: [link]

Originally posted by c6:

Fixes an engine bug with “Disintegrations” stat.

Hey, another useless stat fix.