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Camarader-E / ED-Ecated for Fallout: New Vegas

Camarader-E / ED-Ecated


This guide will show you the location of all the ED-E upgrades in the Lonesome Road DLC which gives you the perk Camarader-E and completes the achievement ED-Ecated, as well as go over what the upgrades do.

Basic Info

The Camarader-E perk has five levels and each circuit board you collect towards the completion of the ED-Ecated quest gives ED-E a bonus upgrade. There are a total of five eyebot upgrade circuit boards in destroyed eyebots found throughout The Divide. Each rank of this perk has a different effect; while ED-E is in the player character’s party, they both gain:

Rank 1 – Weapon condition bonus (daily 25% weapon condition repair dialogue option).

Rank 2 – Energy/microfusion cell manufacture (daily dialogue option, receive 20 of the chosen type)

Rank 3 – Increased DT (+2 DT for both player and ED-E)

Rank 4 – Damage Bonus (+5 beam weapon damage for both player and ED-E, affects the same weapons as Laser Commander)

Rank 5 – V.A.T.S. Attack Bonus (+5% V.A.T.S Targeting for both player and ED-E)

The player character is also able to pass Repair and Explosives checks with ED-E, one each at 35 and a second at 65. The 35 Repair check improves ED-E’s repair function, allowing it to restore a weapon by 35% condition, and the 65 Repair check allows it to manufacture 35 energy ammo a day instead of 20. The two Explosives check enable ED-E to produce 35 flamer fuel or three satchel charges a day as alternatives to energy ammo production. Passing the repair check to manufacture more energy ammo does not affect the amount of flamer fuel or satchel charges ED-E can produce.

This perk is valid for both the ED-E encountered in the Divide and the one in the Mojave Wasteland.


Hopeville missile silo bunker – lying in the middle of the hallway behind the door to the left of the entrance.

Hopeville Missile Base Headquarters – underneath a desk in an office area to the left of the entrance.

Ashton silo control station – First level of the silo, behind large door opened by a hard terminal.

The Divide – Next to the entrance of the Cave of the Abaddon is a nuke you can blow up which leads to a sewer pipe, the eyebot is to the left of the pipe.

Municipal sewers – Accessed from the Third Street Municipal Building via sewer style entrance. On the left as one enters.