Fallout: New Vegas Guide

caravan achievements without learning caravan for Fallout: New Vegas

caravan achievements without learning caravan


how to build a deck using only three types of card and grind your way to caravan master while remaining blissfully unaware of the rules

the cards

you have to have thirty cards. they should be ten different 7s, ten different 9s, and ten different 10s. this’ll let you avoid discarding half your deck at the start of every game like the guides I built this method off of, and also let you rebuild any stack that your opponent messes up. you can buy the cards if you really want, I used console commands to save time

the game

to start you have to put down three cards to start your three rows. place either a ten or a seven at the top of each, I alternated them but it shouldn’t matter much

now, place a 9 on each pile so that the total of each is 16

once you’ve done this the only move even possible for you will be to place either a 7 or 10 depending which one you started the pile with

the game may already have ended with you winning by this point, usually did for me

if you have not won the game at this point just start throwing away the rest of your cards and wait for your opponent to make a move that loses them the game. if they play a card onto one of your stacks discard that stack and build a new pile of 26

I won 30 of thirty two matches this way (a few dragged on until both of us ran out of cards before I figured out the actual win condition which you neither want nor need to know) , and was then able to lose three more on purpose to get know when to fold ’em because despite what every guide and the steam achievement stats say that one is not awarded for winning but for losing

step 3: profit

collect your achievements and your caps and have a nice day

remember, the key to caravan is ignorance. pay no attention to your opponent and never try to learn the rules, there is only counting to 26 in increments of 7, 9, and 10