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Castle Crashers Achievement Guide! for Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers Achievement Guide!

This guide purpouse is for helping you guys!

I’m making this guide because I got all the achievements in the game and I want to share with you people how to get them in the fastest and easiest way possible! Please give it a rating if it helped you so other people can find it faster! :3

Melee is Best

In order to obtain this achievement, you need to beat any boss without using your magic attacks. You can get this achievement at the very first boss (Barbarian Boss), just don’t use your magic at all!

Conscientious Objector

This achievement can be done either online or offline. To get it, you must complete the first part of the game by not killing any enemy from the very first level (Home Castle) to the fourth level (Barbarian Boss). To do this online, have a friend kill all the enemies while you just walk around him doing nothing. To do this offline, you need a second controller. Just kill everyone with the second controller while one of the players does nothing.

The Traitor

For this achievement, you have to kill a boss by playing as one of his minions. First of all, you need to unlock an enemy character, then fight a boss and kill him with that character. To do this, play the game until you unlock the ”King’s Arena”. You need to fight 10 waves of enemies. After that, you will unlock the first enemy character, the ”Barbarian”. Now just go to the ‘Barbarian Boss’ section and kill the boss.

Deer Trainer

You need to navigate the ‘Abandoned Mill’ section without hitting any obstacles. You will be riding a deer while running from a boss. To get it, you need to dodge all the obstacles in the level, like logs and doorways. Take your time learning the level and you will get it in no time!

Maximum Firepower

For this one, you need to fling a knight with a catapult at maximum power. On the ‘Flowery Field’ mission, you will get into a catapult and there is a tiny minigame where u need to press ‘X’ at the right time to fling it with maximum power. It will take some time or you will be lucky and make it on the first try like I did. If you don’t succeed, reload the last checkpoint and try again.

Arena Master

For this achievement, you need to win 40 arena matches. They must be online matches! I strongly recommend to get boosted by a friend. If you can’t find anyone, let a thread on the community to find players, because the online game is pretty dead and it will take a lot of time to find arena games. So good luck with this one!

Treasure Hunter

You need to find and dig 10 buried items. First of all, you need to advance in the story and reach the ‘Desert’ part. You will acquire a shovel in the level. You will need to select it and search for little ‘X’ spots on the ground. With the shovel equipped, stand on the little ‘X’ and rapidly mash ‘B’ a few times. An item will pop from the ground. It can be an animal orb, food, gold or weapon. This achievement is cumulative. Dig 10 items and you got another achievement!

Kay Eye Ess Ess

For this achievement, you need to beat an fellow player to kiss a princess. In online play, after you beat a boss to save a princess, you will need to kill the other player to kiss the princess. This doesn’t have to be done in one sitting, so this will require time or can be done quickly with a friend. Here’s the princesses locations:

  • Barbarian Boss
  • Cyclop’s Fortress
  • Ice Castle
  • Final Wizard Boss (after credits)


You need to revive each of your fallen comrades at least once in a 4 player match. This one was a real pain in the ass for me. It took me weeks to find people who wanted to help me get this achievement. In online games, when you die, you remain still on the ground. You need to walk over their bodies and a tiny minigame will start. You need to resuscitate them by pressing ‘Y’ at the right time. You need to do this with the 3 other players that are downed.


For this achievement, you need to complete the game using any character. This is pretty much self-explanatory. Just finish the campaign and after the credits the achievement will unlock.

The Final Countdown

To get this one, you need to survive 2:30 minutes in a Back Off Barbarian match. Back Off Barbarian is a minigame where you need to run from barbarians by pressing X,Y,A and B without them catching you. It’s pretty easy to do. Just take your time to learn the minigame and try it after.

Animal Handler

This achievement is probably the hardest to do, at least for me. You need to find all the animal orbs in the game, while some of them needs to be buyed. Here is a list where to find them all:

  • Owlet is found at the end of the Forest Entrance level behind some bushes (look for a singing animation).
  • Scratchpaw is found behind a cracked wall that can be broken with a bomb in the Sand Castle Interior level.
  • Pazzo is sold at the Snow Store.
  • Seahorse is floating by a stream in the Thieves’ Forest level.
  • Cardinal is dropped upon killing a beefy brute near the end of the Industrial Castle level.
  • Giraffey is dug up with the shovel towards the end of the Desert level.
  • Bitey Bat appears in Pipistrello’s Cave after beating Pipistrello.
  • Frogglet is dug up with the shovel in the Marsh level. The ‘X’ is in front of an open crypt next to some tombstones.
  • Troll is found behind a a cracked wall that can be broken with a bomb in the Thieves’ Forest level.
  • Monkeyface is sold at the Church Store.
  • Chicken is dug up with the shovel in the Medusa’s Lair level. The ‘X’ is between two large background statues.
  • Snailburt is found in the open near the end of the Marsh level.
  • Rammy is dropped by a bear mini-boss in the Tall Grass Field level.
  • Bi-Polar Bear is summoned by using the horn by a cave at the end of the Snow World level (a sign marks the location).
  • Yeti is found behind a house with smoke coming out of the chimney at the end of the Snow World level.
  • Zebra is dropped by a Saracen riding a camel in the Desert Chase level.
  • Meowburt is found at the end of the Parade level. After starting of the Cyclop’s Cave level, you must backtrack left to the outside of the cave.
  • Burly Bear is found in a cave towards the end of the Tall Grass Field level. You must use a sandwich to move a boulder to enter the cave, then blow up a cracked wall with a bomb.
  • Hawkster is summoned by using the horn in front of a hut in the Tall Grass Field level (a sign marks the location).
  • Snoot is found behind a cracked wall that can be broken with a bomb in the Cyclop’s Fortress level.
  • Piggy is sold at the Swamp Village Store.
  • Spiny is sold at the Volcano Store.
  • Mr. Buddy is dug up with a shovel at the far left side of the Home Castle level. The ‘X’ is in a pile of hay below the nurse.
  • Sherbert is found high in the air in far left section of the Animal Ark. Either use magic jump or an X,X,Y combo on the chained door to get to him.
  • Beholder is found behind a locked door in the back of the Animal Ark that can be opened with the Key Sword, which can be found by the Cardinal in the Full Moon level.
  • Install Ball is found in a small room just past the toilet in the Alien Ship level during the escape countdown.
  • Pelter is sold at the Insane Store.
  • Dragonhead is sold at the Insane Store.
    Good Luck hunting guys! 🙂