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Castle Crashers Character Unlocks & More [PC] [2016] for Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers Character Unlocks & More [PC] [2016]


Here you will find which characters unlock which with a detailed description, but not too hard to find and easy to look through. This tutorial is more recent and also has pictures that mainly focus on PC not other consoles. This guide also includes Glitches, XP Farms & more!

Character Unlocks


Default Character Unlocks

Green Knight ➡ Royal Guard ➡ Saracen
Red Knight ➡ Skeleton ➡ Bear
Blue Knight ➡ Industrialist ➡ Fencer
Orange Knight ➡ Fire Demon ➡ Ninja

Boss & Arena Character Unlocks

Barbarian Boss ➡ Gray Knight ➡ Stove Face
King’s Arena ➡ Barbarian ➡ Beekeeper
Thieves’ Arena ➡ Thief ➡ Druidic Knight
Volcano Arena ➡ Periwinkle Knight
Peasant Arena ➡ Peasant ➡ Commoner
Icy Arena ➡ Eskimo ➡ Brute

Insane Mode Levels / Bosses Character Unlocks

Catfish Boss ➡ Open-Faced Gray Knight
Bat Boss ➡ King
Industrialist Boss ➡ Necromancer
Ice King ➡ Cult Minion ( Dark Wizard )

Level Completion & DLC

Alien Ship ➡ Alien
Pink Knight Pack ➡ Pink Knight
Blacksmith Pack ➡ Blacksmith

Flow Chart

This chart below shows how to unlock every character except the Pink Knight, Blacksmith and Hatty Hattington. The DLC category is also wrong, the characters in it are unlocked from beating the game on insane mode ( Unless you’re a console user ). The alien is also wrong unless you are a console user, the alien can normally be unlocked by beating the Alien Ship Level

XP Farming

So for this XP farm your going to have to go Thieves’ Forest and when you get to the black furry boss your going to want to farm his minions. Theres also another XP farm where you go to the catfish level and use the Industrialist or the Fencer and use his saw magic to do massive amounts of damage and gain lots of XP.

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Cool Glitches

When about to kiss a princess you can eat a sandwich (Volcano Store [15G]) and wait till the timer hits 3 when the timer hits 3 you can run up and kiss the princess and after the 3 secconds the princesses arms will disepear and you will be able to free rome untill you are taken back to the map.

Im working on trying to find more glitches that havent been patched yet saying Youtube only has old videos from 2009-2014. if you have found any glitches then please message me rite away il be sure to update this section in the future.

Need Help?

Im willing to help anyone who needs it on insane mode or just beating the game in general. i also help with finding animal orbs and collecting certain swords. you can message me or leave a comment on this guide if you need help. im very active so if i see that you have added me il be sure to add you back. i like challanges so if any of you want to duel me feel free to ask, im not mean. You can also contact me by my skype which is trev0328 (With a dot at the end). Thanks for reading this and dont forget to share with your friends and spread the guide!