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Castle Crashers : Easy Gold for Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers : Easy Gold


Need to buy weapons and animal orbs but don’t have the gold? This simple and short guide will help you to get that gold!


Hello ladies and mentlegen! *snort* *snort*

Today, I will guide you on how to get easy money on CC.
This is also my very first guide so if there are any mistakes in it, I sincerely apologize.

What You Will Need

Now, let us start.

The things that you will need to get your bootie are:
-A high leveled character (The higher, the better)
-Good animal orbs and weapons
I recommend these 2 weapons.

Black Morning Star/Round Mace

Wooden Club

Annnnd that’s about it!

Farming Stages

Now that you have what you need, let me show you where to get the gold.

The Barbarian King boss stage.
-The boss here is extremely easy to defeat.(High leveled characters can kill him in 10-15 seconds)
-The boss rewards you with around 100-150 gold each time you kill him


The Painter boss stage.
-The boss is somewhat easy to defeat.
-The boss rewards you with around 400 gold each time you kill him.
-As an added bonus, farming here will give you a decent amount of exp too.

A Small Bonus

Also, I recommend using Monkeyface when going through normal stages. Monkeyface can turn 1 gold coins into gold bags and even jewels as long as you last hit the enemy.

Use Fencer or Industrialist against the bosses to end it quicker.

Use the animal orb, Beholder, which adds 2 to the magic stat, could help you farm faster.

How to spend your money wisely :
-I recommend not buying anything from the Insane Shop unless you want to complete your weapon and animal orb set. Dragonhead and Pelter both suck at Insane Mode since they’re attacks deal almost the same as your normal sword swing and attack randomly.In my opinion, Hawkster would be better at Insane Mode since he changes bodies into food (Yuck…?). The Sword and Chainsaw are also easily replaced by the Wooden Club.


Keep farming at those 2 places and you will get the gold you need in no time.
Enjoy your loot after the farming is ceased.
Thanks for reading my guide. Leave a rating and rate my guide!
Hope it helped my fellow knights!