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Castle Crashers - Gold Farming for Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers – Gold Farming


There are many ways to farm, or earn gold on Castle Crashers. Some are good some are not, but earlier today i discovered that the Alien class / hero / character is incredibly overpowered when it comes to Money making, In this guide i will describe what i do!

The Class

Alien is by far the best class for this strategy, In order to do it flawless you will need a level 10-15 Alien with 100% focus on magic. Note: When you’ve maxed out magic you should spend everything you got on agility!
To unlock the alien you will have to progress through the story until you complete the “alien ship” mission, If you’ve already completed it you’re bound to have the alien character unlocked.
The best way to level up to 15 is probably by following the story line all the way up!
note: Gold is NOT shared between characters, however Unlocks are, If you’re looking to farm gold for potions etc you should do it on your main character!

The Attacks

The best way to kill any boss as the Alien is usually by spamming the defualt magic skill.
On a keyboard this will be executed by holding shift and clicking whatever your Heavy attack button is. On a controller (xbox) it will be by holding RT and pressing Y

The Boss

The best boss to farm on is no doubt the Barbarian Boss (i’ve recieved comments saying the painter boss is better, It’s opinion i guess but this one is alot faster, a run at the painter boss will take you 4 times as long as this one) as he drops around 100-200 gold each time you kill him and is the easiest boss to kill. All you have to do is stand infront of him and use the spells i mentioned in the previous step, If you’re around level 15 and you spent the skill points under magic he will die before he reaches you, infact he will die before your mana / energy / power runs out!
On my level 15 Alien the actual fight takes less than 2 sec.


Level 10+ Alien
15+ skill points under Magic
Barbarian boss
10 secounds of your time!

Incase you still don’t get it, Here’s a youtube video of me killing the boss at level 15

Thank you!

Thank you for reading my first and most simple guide ever, be sure to leave a comment with some feedback regarding the guide and if it helped you in any way you could always hit the like button ­čÖé
If you’ve got any questions regarding Castle Crashers feel free to add me on steam.


Lol i drew this in paint cause i was bored ­čśÇ