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Castle Crashers Insane Mode Guide for Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers Insane Mode Guide


This Guide will Inform insane mode Players of the unlockables, differences, interesting Facts and General Insane Mode knowledge necessary.

Insane Mode

The Insane Mode Shop

The XBLA version of Castle Crashers entirely excluded this area and rather than having the shop included each item in DLC packages.

The Price of Each Insane Mode Weapon Is Listed Below

  • Gold Sword- 3600 Gold

  • Chainsaw- 3600 Gold

  • Golden Skull Mace- 2500 Gold

The Price of Each Insane Mode Animal is Listed Below

  • Pelter (Occasionally Shoots Ice) -5500 Gold

  • Dragonhead (Occasionally Shoots Fire) -5500 Gold

Unlocking the Necromancer

In the XBLA version of the game the Necromancer is unlocked simply by buying the Necromancer DLC which also Includes the Cultist, Dragonhead, Necromancer Skull Mace and the Chainsaw.



NG Skull Mace


To Unlock the Necromancer in the Steam Edition you must complete the Industrial Castle on Insane Mode

Unlocking The King

To Unlock the King in Castle Crashers Steam Edition you must complete Pipistrello’s cave on Insane Mode.

(The King is also the only character that is able to use Healing Magic)

Unlocking the Open Face Gray Knight

This character Is unlocked by Defeating the Catfish boss on Insane Mode
Splash Attack:

Unleashes a torrent of arrows from the sky


Throws a dagger

Air Projectile:

Throws a horizontal dagger

Magic Jump:

Leaps into the air with a burst of dust that damages adjacent enemies

Unlocking The Cult Minion

The Cult Minion is unlocked by completing the Ice Castle on Insane Mode

Splash Attack:

Creates a horizontal cloud of dark magic.


Shoots a ball of dark magic

Air Projectile:

Shoots a horizontal or downward angled ball of dark magic

Magic Jump:

Leaps into the air with a burst of dark magic that damages adjacent enemies

This means defeating one of the most hated Insane Bosses

The Enemies of Insane Mode

In insane mode the Health and Damage dealt by almost every enemy is multiplied by 10
This Is One of The Most Hated Insane Bosses

Just because he’s so annoying

Insane Pipistrello

Pipistrello unlocks the king in Insane Mode.

But Pipistrello is also an interesting insane boss because the stats arent very different other than the fact that using its lick attack Insane Pipistrello deals 999 Damage.

(so watch out)

Insane Levels You Can Skip!!!

Alright so if you have a friend who has completed insane mode then your in luck because i have a list of every level you can skip

but you need to do everything that is not listed

Barbarian War
Forest Entrance
Rapids Ride
Tall Grass Field
Flowery Field
Wedding Crash
Cyclops’ Cave
Cyclops’ Gate
Alien Ship
Sand Castle Interior
Flooded Temple
Snow World
All three final bosses leading to the Wizard Mage Final Battle.

Possible problems you may have

Occasionally beating the game this way will not work but it is usuallly effective to replay the Dock, Abandoned Mill or the Blacksmith

Make sure you aren’t missing any relics

If you cant figure it out go to single player and you’ll be shown what still needs to be done

The Insane Barbarian Boss

In comparison to this boss in the normal playthrough this boss has stayed a lot the same but with the standard modifiers for insane of course, However now this boss is[/i] Much faster and will be literally on your back the whole fight.[/h1]

Pirate Ninja Encounter Strategy

If you’ve had any trouble with the Ninja’s on the ship level then here’s a tip, Magic wont do as much here so jump and spam W to kep them from knocking you down.

Agility Is Important!

By the time you have your agility all the way up you’ll be able to spam arrows and keep a distance from the enemyby running to one side and spamming if they get too close runn to the other side and repeat.

Insane Industrial Castle Strategy

  • Avoid Close Quarters Combat as much as possible!!!
  • On the first few stages Jump and begin rapidly pressing the attack button so your character flies across the screen swinging his weapon, when you hit the enemies a few times press W so you and the enemies gain height, eventually you’ll reach the end of the screen and you should trap the enemies in the air in an almost endless attack.
  • On the elevator stage go to a corner and spam arrows, Then once again juggle enemies against the corner (If you use the Red Knight use your Magic in the corner not arrows)
  • When you reach the Brute, don’t mess around, just resort to ranged magic attacks.
  • Finally the boss, fight him as you normally would. He is not much stronger than he was in the first playthrough and as long as you watch out for the ground shock and fire lines he’s kind of a pushover. You can use arrows on the hand to keep it off screen while still doing damage if that becomes a nuisance.

Good Luck!!!

Big Troll Strategy

  • Spam your Magic!
  • Don’t just deal with the Big Troll or you will be overun.
  • Use Hawkster as your Animal Orb
  • Air juggle the little trolls.
  • Use the Necromancers Sword for the additional Defense if needed.


I hope it helps