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Castle Crashers Unlockable Characters for Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers Unlockable Characters


Have you ever wondered how to unlock certain characters that you have seen others play? Wait no more.Read this guide to find out how you get those characters, and how to level them up easily.


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Red Knight and Unlockables

Red Knight- Obtained from nothing. Comes as one of the 4 first characters.
Magic- Electric

Skeleton- Obtained from beating the game with Red Knight
Magic- Dark

Bear- Obtained from beating the game with Skeleton
Magic- Wind

Bear is viable for the Traitor achievement

Orange Knight and Unlockables

Orange Knight- Obtained from nothing. One of the starting characters
Magic- Fire

Fire Demon- Obtained from beating the game with Orange Knight
Magic-Lava (technically Fire-based)

Fire Demon is viable for the Traitor achievement.

Ninja- Obtained from beating the game with Fire Demon
Magic- Ninja-based (smoke, throwing stars)

Blue Knight and Unlockables

Blue Knight- Obtained from nothing. Starting character
Magic- Ice

Industrialist- Obtained from beating the game with Blue Knight
Magic- Mechanical (Buzzsaws,steam, sawblades)

Fencer- Obtained from beating the game with Industrialist
Magic- Also Mechanical

Both Industrialist and Fencer can earn the Traitor achievement

Green Knight and Unlockables

Green Knight- Obtained from nothing. Starting character

Royal Guard- Obtained from beating the game with Green Knight
Magic-Arrows, bombs (Similar to Grey Knight)

Saracen- Obtained from beating the game with Royal Guard
Magic- Sand

Other Characters

Grey Knight- Obtained from beating the Husky Barbarian
Magic- Arrows, bombs

Stove Face- Obtained from beating the game with Grey Knight
Magic-Steam,arrows (Alike to Grey Knight, but not the same)

Barbarian- Obtained from beating King’s Arena
Magic- Weapon-based
Barbarian can use the Traitor achievement

Beekeeper- Obtained from beating the game with Barbarian
Magic- Bees

Thief- Obtained from beating Thieves’ Arena Magic- Arrows

Snakey- Obtained from beating the game with Thief
Magic- Plants (vines)
Snakey is viable for the Traitor achievement

Peasant- Obtained from beating Peasants Arena
Magic- Non-elemental (arrows,knives)

Civilian- Obtained from beating the game with Peasant
Magic- Non-elemental (similar to peasant)

Iceskimo- Obtained from beating Ice Arena
Iceskimo is viable for the Traitor achievement

Brute- Obtained from beating the game with Iceskimo
Magic- Earth (thorns,vines)

Conehead- Obtained from beating Volcano Arena
Magic- Arrows,bombs

Alien Hominid (PC Version)- Obtained from beating Alien Ship
Magic- Beams,lasers

Grey Knight 2 (Open-Faced Grey Knight)- Obtained from beating the Catfish on insane mode
Magic- Same as Grey Knight (except for throwing bomb ability)

King- Obtained from beating Pipistrello (the giant bat) on insane mode.
Magic- Healing (leadership role)

Necromancer- Obtained from beating Industrial Castle on insane mode
Magic- Death
Necromancer is viable for the Traitor achievement

Cult Minion- Obtained from beating Ice Castle (Frost King) on insane mode
Magic- Dark
Cult Minion is viable for the Traitor achievement


Pink Knight- Downloadable character
Magic- Love
The Pink Knight DLC comes with the Pink Knight and the starting weapon, Lollypop.

Purple Knight(Blacksmith)- Downloadable character
Magic- non-elemental (weaponry)
The Purple Knight DLC comes with Purple Knight and the starting weapon, Hammer.

Hatty Hattington- “Secret” Character. Hatty is obtained by owning BattleBlock Theatre.
Magic- non-elemental (money)
Hatty comes with Emerald Sword, his starting weapon.


Which arenas work best? How do you know?
The only way you can tell which arenas work best is if you try them.

But most likely, you are going to want to keep running an arena that has your skill level.
For example, if you can take down a Barbarian in a single magic burst, it’s time to move on.

Lets see if we can find the general level range…

King’s Arena
King’s arena runs only Barbarians, making it an easy task.
I would reccomend Levels 1-10 but you can always come back to it for funsies.
Just winning this arena once was enough for me, I only wanted this fun guy

Thieves’ Arena
Thieves Arena runs only Thieves, making it slightly harder, those fellows are pretty fast.
Reccomended Levels 6-19 while it is harder than Barbarians, it still is pretty easy to keep the guys down on the ground with some magic bursts.
Near the last rounds, they tend to swarm you with arrows, be on the look out for that.
Winning this arena once grants you the playable Thief character.

Volcano Arena
Volcano arena runs Coneheads,making it debatably harder than icey arena.
Reccomended Levels 10-26 These guys tend to bomb spam.
They also have a crit chance, watch out for those.
Winning this arena grants you a Conehead, you lucky dog.

Peasants’ Arena
In my opinion, this is THE hardest Arena out of all of the arenas(not including insane mode)Snakeys are very hard to deal with.
I cannot reccomend a certain level range, but if you are around the 20’s or lower 30’s, don’t waste your energy.
Snakeys use arrows and melee to their advantage. While single, they are easy to overcome, but once you hit around Wave 8, you better be ready. They tend to attack 2 at a time, and go behind you a lot, preventing magic spam.

Icey Arena
While this arena is tricky, it is not as hard as Peasants’ Arena.
While the slipping and sliding on the ice puts you at a disadvantage, don’t bother running the Yeti.
Sorry, little guy.
Around the time you get to this arena, then it would be easy to beat it.
Let’s say reccomended level 23+ But make sure you can beat the Frost King first.

I hope my advice bids you well on your quest young Knight, have some cookies.


Thank you for reading this, it took quite some time.
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Happy Crashing!