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⦿  Center Windowed Mode Screen for Fallout: New Vegas

⦿ Center Windowed Mode Screen


A guide on how to center the windowed mode screen of Fallout: New Vegas for any monitor, at any resolution. No mods required.


The windowed mode of Fallout: New Vegas is not automatically centered on your screen and does not allow you to move your cursor away from the bounds of the game’s window (unless you do ALT+TAB). This creates a discomfort that many experience not only with this game, but with many others.

Primarily aimed for wide-screen users, this guide presents a single powerful solution for this issue that allows you to expand its application to more versatile uses. No mods required.

Required Tool


is a simple universal tool for centering/moving/layouting any windows on your screen. Defines customizable zones that autosize windows dropped on them.
(a software developed by Skrommel)

Upon a first-time running, the program adds to its current directory two important files:
ZoneSize.ini — a configuration file;
pop.wav — a sound effect file.

You will find its minimized icon in the system tray. Double-clicking on it centers the currently active window on the screen. Moving a window (when the program is running) shows a pre-defined zone for easy layouting.

[ DOWNLOAD ][www.donationcoder.com]



Run “ZoneSize.exe”. The screen will flash for a half-second, which establishes an invisible overlay for the zones shown when moving a window for layouting. An icon for the program will appear in the system tray.


Launch Fallout: New Vegas (or any other game).


Wait for the game to load and show you the main menu. Open up the Steam Overlay UI, so you can gain control over your windows cursor that is not limited to the game’s window.


Double-click the ZoneSize system tray icon to activate the centering feature.
The game’s window will now be centered to your screen.


Exit the program if not needed.

Video Demonstration

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