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Challenges: "Mine Sweeper" and "Cairn Raider" (Shipwreck Beach) for Tomb Raider

Challenges: “Mine Sweeper” and “Cairn Raider” (Shipwreck Beach)


Challenges is a side tasks in game. They not required to complete storyline, but they required to finish game on 100% and to achieve “Inconceivable!” achievement. To complete this two you need to blow up the mines and rob ancient spanish graves.


Challenges is a side tasks in game. They not required to complete storyline, but can give you extra xp and fun. But they required to finish game on 100% and to achieve “Inconceivable!” achievement.
I wrote this guide because items, required to complete challenge, is hard to find and they not marked on map, unlike other tasks.
I split a guide on locations, because if write everything in one pass, it will too big. Maybe I combine everything into one later.
Items are listed in the order, which they are encountered throughout the game. Of course you can always go back to the desired location and to find the missing items.

Challenges overview

Challenge: Cairn Raider.
Location: Shipwreck Beach.
You need to inspect old graves. To do this you need find the grave, stand beside and push “use” button. There is 5 graves on this level and you need find them all.

Challenge: Mine Sweeper.
Location: Shipwreck Beach.
You need blow up naval mines which lies and floating in different places of this level. To blow you just need to shoot them. There is ten mines and you need find and blow up all of them.

IMPORTANT! This challenge is glitched. Some of people reported they stuck on 9/10 mines and they can’t find a last one. This happens probably because one of mines, which floating in water, can be cover by waves or can be stuck under the rocks. But nobody know properly. Me too.
Anyway if it happens to you and you can’t find a mine on usual places, then you nothing can do with it. You should replay whole game and try blow all mines at your first visit, this is only solution I can advise to you.

This location separated to two areas and you need visit this location two times to open whole location and finish challenges. You can find three graves and five naval mines on your first visit, two graves and five mines on second visit.

First visit

You get on this location after you pass summit forest. You need to find your team.

Grave #01 On high rock

You just entered this area and now standing on high grounds. You can see high rock right in front of you. There is no easy way to climb on this rock because climbable area is too high.
First you need to find two huge sea marks. One floating at bottom of rock, second one behind wooden dam. Shoot dam and release mark.
Next you need put these marks between dry ground and climbable area on rock.
Jump from dry ground on first mark, after then on second, after then on wall and climb up. First grave on top on this rock.

Grave #02 Path around the rock

Return to entering point of this location.
Keep left wall and go down. Somewhere in a middle you will find a rock and tiny footpath around this rock. This footpath leads you to second grave.

Mine #01 Passage

Return to passage and keep go down. Soon you will find first naval mine.

Grave #03 Center

Leave shore and go to center of location.
This is a hill exactly in center of this area. Grave is on top of this hill.

Mine #02 Shore near pier

Return to shore, where you find a first mine. Keep moving near left wall and when wall is ended, then near shore. When you pass a wooden pier, you will find a mine, which lies on shore.

Mine #03 Bay

Now go into the sea. This is small bay, you can explore. Mine is floating in this bay, behind a boat.

Mine #04 Between bay and caravel

In one of the tasks you need to get to the caravel to find there block. When you go to the caravel, then carefully look left and right by the sea.
Mines is floating near rock, which the caravel crashed into it. One left of this rock…

Mine #05 At right of caravel

… and one right of this rock.

Second visit

You can reach rest of location after Jonah will give you a bow.
Is separated on four areas:

  • First wreckage where you can find two floating mines;
  • Area, which I call a demi-island, with sand ground, puddles and tall building, where you can find two (three, if you miss one in wreckage) mines and grave;
  • Second wreckage, where you can find one mine;
  • High grounds between demi-island and second wreckage, which leads to bunker area and where you can find a last grave.

Mine #06 Among the wreckage

You get a mighty bow and now you need go to pier and shoot rope in climbable area. Climb by this rope on wreck platform. Cross this platform and you can see a mine, floating among the wreckage.
From this point you can see second mine, which floating between platform and tall building, behind a piece of metal. If you can’t shoot this mine, or just don’t see it, then keep passing wreckage. You can shoot this mine later, from demi-island’s shore.

Mine #07 Between wreckage and tall building

When you will stand on demi-island, then follow by shore and look in water. Near tall building you will find a mine, which floating between piece of metal and shore.

Grave #04 Behind a tall building

Keep going by the shore. You will find a dead end behind tall building and grave in this dead end.

Mine #08 Center of demi-island

Turn back and return to center of demi-island. Mine lies on sand.

Mine #09 Behind demi-island

Do you remember where dead end with grave was? Go to this dead end but from another side by opposite shore. Where you reach end of the shore and can’t able to go forward, then look at sea in direction of dead end. Mine is floating behind the stones, near shore.

Mine #10 Behind second wreckage

Turn back and follow shore to second wreckage. Last mine lies on sand behind wreckage.

Grave #05 At right of wooden bridge

Climb on tall building and go to high grounds. You need to cross wooden bridge and pass little tonnel on your way to bunker. Before you cross bridge take a look on right of bridge. You will find a small edge and grave on it.