Castle Crashers® Guide

Character Unlock Guide for Castle Crashers

Character Unlock Guide


This is a guide to show you how to unlock every character in the game.By the way the “Branding image” is a edited Grey Knight made by yours truly. Please don’t use it for anything. I don’t own the characters in this chart, that right goes to Behemoth and Castle Crashers.

Simplified Character Chart

This is a chart i made to show it easily. Includes DLC and Insane mode Characters.

Every GREEN LINE simulates you beating the game (every boss and level, excluding arenas) and defeating The Evil Wizard.

Each character unlock starts on the left side and moves to the right side. Each section represents a different way you have to unlock the characters in that section.

P.S. Swampy Arena Is the Peasant Arena. Mixed the names up. My bad.

The Arenas, Barbarian Boss unlock characters, but in order to get the ones afterwards you have to beat the game
Example: Beat the barbarian boss to unlock Grey knight > Beat the game with the Grey knight to unlock stove fact.

Orange Knight > Fire Demon > Ninja

Blue Knight > Industrialist > Fencer

Green Knight > Royal Guard > Saracen

Red Knight > Skeleton > Bear

Bosses / Arena

Characters that are unlocked through defeating a boss or beating an arena.

Barbarian Boss > Grey Knight > Stoveface

Thieve’s Arena > Thief > Snakey

Peasant Arena > Peasant > Civilian

Icy Arena > Iceskimo > Brute

Single Unlocks

This is for only two characters as they both don’t unlock anything after beating the game.

Insane Mode

These are characters that are unlocked within insane mode.

Insane Mode Catfish > Open-Faced Gray Knight

Insane Mode Pipistrello’s Cave > King

Insane Mode Industrial Castle > Necromancer

Insane Mode Ice Castle > Cult Minion


Characters that require a DLC or Game to be owned

DLC Characters

Own BattleBlock Theater