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Chatterbox Achievement Guide for Tomb Raider

Chatterbox Achievement Guide


A quick Guide to get the Chatterbox Achievement


All conversations with the Endurance crew completed.

There are times in the game where you can talk to people from the Endurance crew. There will be an icon above their heads. Keep talking to them until it doesn’t show the prompt anymore. You should see the game saving in the lower right hand corner of the screen when this happens. This is a missable achievement if you don’t remember to do it when the time comes. Also remember that if you die or reload your checkpoint, don’t forget to talk to them again if it starts you near them. Talking to everyone on this list will get you the achievement. It is possible that only the conversations that lead to the game saving are required, but it’s better to play it safe than sorry.

Highly Missable Achievement Warning

Conversation Set 1: After you obtain a med pack and heal up Roth, there will be a brief cut scene and he will give you a climbing tool. Keep talking to him while he is sitting by the fire.

Conversation Set 2: During a cut scene, Roth will talk to you about sacrifice. After the scene he will sit on a chair by the fire. Talk to him here.

Conversation Set 3: After quite a while playing through the game, you will be able to talk to 3 survivors after meeting up with them at the beach area. Talk to all three until you can no longer do so.

Conversation Set 4: You will be given a new bow on the beach. Once this happens, keep talking to the guy who gave it to you. Then go towards the other members of the group (Whitman and Sam. There is a roof with a blue tarp on it, and they are under it. After that, you must go to the boat where you first talked to the people in the above conversation set. Talk to the lone girl there.

Conversation Set 5: After finally getting the tools needed for the Survivors, it will be night time on the beach. Under the blue tarp roof again, you’ll find the last few conversations. The last one will be with Jonah a little ways towards the next objective.