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Chatterbox savegame (+2 more) for Tomb Raider

Chatterbox savegame (+2 more)


Don’t want to lose time replaying Tomb Raider just to get this highly missable Chatterbox achievement? You asked for it – you got it. Just grab this save, talk to Whitman, and you’ll get it (+ 2 more)

Savegames location

<Steam folder>userdata<Your Steam ID folder>203160remote
<Steam folder> is usually “C:Program FilesSteam”, or “C:Program Files (x86)Steam” if you have Windows x64
<Your Steam ID folder> is usually the only folder in userdata folder

Don’t forget to turn off steam cloud for this game and backup your current savegame

Savegame file

If the link is broken — PM me, i’ll reupload it. If savegame is broken — check file hash and redownload if necessary. Hashes: CRC32: 20721381; MD5: BEB9B30377AEB730149012A551265E5C


  • Download savegame
  • Rename it to save1.dat and copy to savegame folder (once more, don’t forget to backup your own savegame)
  • Start the game
  • Load the save from the first slot
  • Talk to Dr. James Whitman until he speaks with you no more

  • PROFIT!!

Other achievements

You can use this save to get some other achievements:

  • Crab Cakes: Kill some crabs on the beach.
  • Deadeye: Go to Shantytown and kill a single zipliner. // Found by Qwin, confirmed by A.M.R.

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