Batman: Arkham City – Game of the Year Edition Guide

/// Cinematic Illumination MOD for Batman: Arkham City GOTY

/// Cinematic Illumination MOD


/// Cinematic Illumination MOD for Arkham Games.

/// Cinematic Illumination MOD

Hello =)

I have recently discovered a tweak very great for improving the illumination in Batman Arkham games.

This works with “ENB Series + SweetFX”. I am referring to Bloom effect and the Chromatic filter.

* you can edit the colors, effect, sharpen, etc…

Examples of the result:

NEW!: Batman Arkham Knight Cinematic filter for DX9 games:

Previous MOD (only ENB Bloom illumination MOD):

>>> Download (Next-Gen Cinematic Filter MOD folder): Download MOD here[]

Just read the instructions and customize the way the lighting interacts in your game.

*** Remember to reduce the brightness of the games on the menu. Near the third level to my is right and if the game crash at start, you have 2 solutions

1. Retry a few times until the game starts xD or…
2. Disable Steam Overlay.

For me, looks better on Arkham City, but works on Origins too.

Saludos and good luck. =)
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