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Classic Fallout Weapons mod ID List for Fallout: New Vegas

Classic Fallout Weapons mod ID List


A list of all the item id’s for the Classic Fallout Weapons mod.


The Classic Fallout Weapons mod is a mod in which, as you guessed, adds most of the weapoons from Fallout 1,2 and Tactics. Adding a pletora of new weapons, mods and ammo to an already buldging weapon selection. The main point of this guide is to be a quick resource of all the item id’s in the mod for use with the console command.

ID list

Fallout 1

HSI Mauser Pistol – xx00080a
Colt 6520 – xx000806
Desert Eagle Mark XIX – xx000816
SIG Sauer 14mm Pistol – xx000809
DKS-501 556 Sniper Rifle – xx00086c
Red Ryder Limited Edition – xx000a2c
Winchester Widowmaker – xx00090d
Winchester City-Killer – xx00083e
Wattz 1000 – xx000811
Wattz 2000 – xx00081c
Crowbar – xx000804
Classic Super Sledge – xx0008f7
Classic Plasma Grenade – xx000a25
Classic Pulse Grenade – xx0008f8

Fallout 2

Needler Pistol – xx0008dc
PPK12 Gauss Pistol – xx000904
H&K P90c – xx00080d
M3A1 “Grease Gun” SMG – xx0009dc
M72 Gauss Rifle – xx00086a
Pipe Rifle – xx000905
Enfield XL70E3 – xx000845
FN FAL – xx000860
FN FAL HPFA – xx000a31
H&K G-11 – xx00081d
LSW – xx000846
M60 – xx00085a
Vindicator Minigun – xx000854
Sawed-Off Winchester Widowmaker – xx00090e
H&K CAWS – xx000820
Pancor Jackhammer – xx000821
H&K L30 – xx00086d
YK32 Pulse Pistol – xx0009b2
YK42B Pulse Rifle – xx0009b1
Molotov Cocktail – xx0008f9
Wakizashi Blade – xx000805

Fallout Tactics

SIG Sauer P220 – xx000809
Beretta M92FS Pistol – xx000808
Casull Revolver – xx000841
Flamer Pistol – xx0008db
Walther MPL – xx000815
Sten Gun – xx00081e
MP-38 – xx00081f
H&K MP5 – xx00081d
Uzi – xx000812
Scorpio – xx000813
DKS-501 MSG Sniper Rifle – xx00081b
M14 Rifle – xx00086b
Ruger AC-556F – xx0008b1
Steyr AUG – xx0008b2
M16A1 – xx0008b3
AK-47 – xx000859
M249 – xx00085b
Bren – xx0008b5
Lewis MKII – xx0008b6
Browning M2 – xx00086e
MEC Gauss Minigun – xx0008f2
Beretta 470 Silverhawk – xx00090c
Ithaca Model 37 – xx000817
Neostead Combat Shotgun – xx000822
P94 Plasma Rifle – xx000851
Grenade Pistol – xx0008b0
RPG-7 Rocket Launcher – xx0009df
Rusty Old Monkey Wrench – xx000803


4.7mm Caseless – xx000bc9
2mm EC – xx000bca
HN Needle – xx000bd5
.303 – xx000bd6 .
14mm – xx000c6b

*Note: The first two digits (XX) represents the placing order of the Fallout Classic Weapons mod in the load order. The number can be found in the Fallout Mod Manger under the index number.