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Cleansing the Mojave as Ben Garrison for Fallout: New Vegas

Cleansing the Mojave as Ben Garrison


This guide will instruct you on how to successfully RP as Ben Garrison.


You are Ben Garrison.

Ben likes to draw pictures, and paint. In the pre-war world, he would likely be an independant cartoonist. Ben grew up in the post-war wilderness of Montana, raising a family of his own on a farm. Life was hard, but he worked to survive and provide for his family.

A few years later a travelling Merchant came upon his humble farm, and asked if he’d like to barter his goods in exchange for his crops. After several hours of the merchant trying to haggle for better prices, Ben refused to back down. This angered the merchant, and promised that he’d seek revenge against his shiksa wife, and children goyim. The Garrison family had been through many hardships, including the Great Winter of 2130. It would take a lot more than a mere verbal threat to scare ol’ Ben.

A few weeks later, he awoke one night to find his farm in flames, his livestock butchered, and his family missing. He spotted some men whooping and hollering in excitement, marking the war colors of the chaotic Dindu tribe. He gunned them down without hesitation, and managed to track them to their camp, where he found his family brutally, tortured, and mutilated.

Given the distance between his farm and their camp, there could be only one coincidence as to why they would find his specific farm… It was obvious there was only one culprit.

During his travels, Ben took odd jobs to get by, until he found his place as a courier. Ben figured in this line of work, he’d cover more ground in hopes of one day finding the Merchant that ruined his life.

Character Creation

It is mandatory that you design your character to look as close to the real Ben Garrison. You will need to pick at least Four Eyes as a trait, and only wear a cowboy hat with glasses. Ben Garrison knows how to handle many types of weapons, so tag at least Guns. Surviving in rural Montana ain’t easy. It would make sense to have Survival tagged. Anything else is optional. This is how Ben should look approximately;

A reference photo:

NOTE: If for whatever reason you pick the Confirmed Bachelor perk, you will have to re-roll the character.

There’s a lot of leeway on your SPECIAL stats, depending on how you choose. Strength should be at perhaps a 6 or 7, to wield those larger weapons. Compliment that with 10 Agility to get more shots out with those weapons. Having a high Charisma is less important, as the majority of Ben’s fights are fought with bullets and blades, rather than through words.

Proper decisions to make

Ben Garrison doesn’t tolerate degeneracy of any kind. This means eradicating the Fiends. Exterminating the Khans once and for all. And of course, annihilating the lawless Powder Gangers.

Garrison admires the Legion’s views regarding survival of the fitness. However, destroying individual culture through assimilation is unacceptable. The Legion can either be eradicated, or be neutral and kept on a short leash.

Old world democracy is what killed everything. Garrison does not approve of the NCR’s corrupt politicians and military. They are to be kept neutral, or destroyed.

No Mutants Allowed!
Garrison only allows the purest of human DNA to survive in his wake. All “superior” Super Mutants must be extinguished. All hideous and disgusting ghouls must be purged as well.

There is only one leader fit to take the reigns, and show the Mojave the path to salvation. House can prove to be a valuable ally, however, he is too set on his own agenda. Kimball is too corrupt, and only seeks to profit. Caesar is doomed to repeat history with the old Roman ways. Garrison knows the only way to truly unify, and segregate everyone.

Ain’t much room for leftists. The Followers, as good as their intentions are, are nothing more than lefty beatniks who want to “help” the weak. They must be kept in check.

The Remnants. These courageous warriors once had a vision to purify mankind of mutated abominations. They are to be helped, as long as you don’t find out Arcade’s sexual preference.

How to know what is human

Distinguishing who is human and who isn’t can be difficult. This section will aim to help you with identification!

Starting off with the hideous super mutant, observe the large face, miscolored skin tone, and peculiar growths. These aren’t human, and must be exterminated.

In case you haven’t guessed, this disgusting abomination is in fact not human, but a ghoul! Notice how the melted skin hangs around its face?

This one is a bit tricky. It looks human doesn’t it? But this is in fact a female reptillian! Not unlike the same race of Merchant as described in the first section. Notice the large forehead, the thin upper lip, and the slanted eyes are major giveaways. These must be purged.

Here we have a male, but is also not a human. The off-color shade of skin, and strange hair appearance are obvious.


I don’t know what else to put in this guide, so it wil forever be in Early Access. But I hope this guide has helped you on your quest to rid the Mojave of the degenerates and non-human vermin!

Credit to Faux Reality and Schizoid for originally making this, Morrowind’s Most Dangerous N’Wah, [ZM] | Dr. Dro, Old Iron Johnson:

Ben “Shoot up the Shi” Garrison
Ben “Homicide in Freeside” Garrison
Ben “Bullets for supermutants” Garrison
Ben “House, meet the Mauser” Garrison
Ben “White Glove, Black Problem” Garrison
Ben “Sodomite of Gomorrah” Garrison
Ben “No ♥♥♥♥ will reach the Tops” Garrison
Ben “Lanius gets the noose” Garrison
Ben “Endanger the Rangers” Garrison
Ben “Shoot the savages” Garrison
Ben “No friend of the Followers” Garrison
Ben “NCR gets the AR” Garrison
Ben “Taking ghouls for fools” Garrison
Ben “88 Trading Post” Garrison
Ben “The black ones get HELIOS One” Garrison
Ben “REPCONN Test Site? Out of my sight” Garrison
Ben “New Cuck Republic” Garrison
Ben “Brotherhood of ♥♥♥♥♥” Garrison
Ben “He has Divided us” Garrison