Fallout: New Vegas Guide

苦泉镇任务“爬遍每座山”(Climb Ev'ry Mountain)山洞洞口指南 for Fallout: New Vegas

苦泉镇任务“爬遍每座山”(Climb Ev’ry Mountain)山洞洞口指南


在苦泉镇这个任务卡住苦于找不到洞口的朋友,希望这篇指南可以帮助到你。The friends who found it’s difficult to reach the destination(cave) of this mission, I hope this guide can help ya.

狼毒岭(Reach “Coyote Tail Ridge” first)


Reach “Coyote Tail Ridge” first, then climb the ridge in front of you. After that, follow the ridge, go forward, then reach the next position.

上山小路(The passage to the cave)


After reached this position below, there is a secret passage that can reach the cave.

It’s my first time wrote guide, if there is any mistake, please tell me.