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Coloring Pixels: A Guide for Coloring Pixels

Coloring Pixels: A Guide


What it is, hot keys, settings, bug ‘n’ issues, and pack info all in one space.


Coloring Pixels is a relaxing color by number in game format. The base game is free and has six sections of images to color, and even recolor. It’s a fantastic game to relax and unwind. The background music is nice mix of relaxing instrumental tunes.

Community Rating: Overwhelming Positive (96% at 2,947 reviews)
Developers: Updates on Steam regularly as well as their official ToastieLabs Discord channel.
Achievements: Yes
Cards: ???
DLC: Inexpensive.
Size: Less than 500MB with all the DLC packs.

ToastieLabs External Pages:

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Fill Colors
Left Click
Move Around
Right Click
Arrow Keys / WASD
Zoom In / Out
Mouse Wheel
+ / –
Pick Color
Click it / scroll wheel
NumPad/Row (Two digit) or shift+# for single digit / Q & E
Click it
00 on NumPad or Row

Free Content

  • Book 1: 20 images – Objects and creatures.
  • Book 2: 20 images – Scenic images
  • Book 3: 20 images – Patterns and designs.
  • Bonus: 12 images – Promotional-esque images. ToastieLabs logo, 100k players, etc.
  • Community Book 1: 20 images. A little bit of everything.
    Community Book is a free “secret” book which is unlocked by visiting their social media page once. You do not have to like, interact or visit again.
  • Community Book 2: 20 images. October 2019 competition winners. Announcement here (image spoilers)
  • Community Book 3. 20 images. October 2020 competition winners. Announcement here (image spoilers)

2018 DLC Book Releases

Each coloring pack DLC is $1 USD. Most have 20 images each. Exceptions are noted in descriptions.

DLC + Link
Release Date
Review Rating
Positive (35 reviews)
A fantasy retro RPG-themed coloring pack with such images as dragons, shields, and castles.
Easy to Medium. Size ranges from very small to just under 200px for the largest. There are 4 in-depth sprite/icon images that may take a little more time to complete than the rest of the pack. Some may wish to complete these over 2-3 sittings.
Mostly Positive (18 reviews)
A farm themed pack with farm animals, fields, and tools of the trade.
Easy to Difficult. A fair amount of variety in this one. About half of them aren’t time-consuming at all. And a few in the medium range, but aren’t complicated. A few detailed. And 2 hyper-realistic ones which may take the most time to complete and I’d recommended over several sessions. The largest is 300×300 which is hyper realistic.
Positive (15 reviews)
A Halloween theme with ghosts, ghouls, and other spooky things.
Easy to Complicated. Straight-forward and easy-going in the first half. There are a handful of hyper-realistic images in the largest half. And a couple pattern images among the medium sized pieces. The biggest ones are a scenic image at 320 and another scenic at 256 squared.
Mixed (19 reviews)
An emoji inspired pack. Smiley’s and other familiar texting and chat icons.
Easy. Most of the images are quite small and only one of them goes above 150. One of the weaker packs overall.
Positive (16 reviews)
A space themed pack with rockets, astronomy, and other planetary bodies.
Easy to Complicated. First half is pretty easy. There are a couple hyper-realistic images. And a few detailed scenics. One of the largest puzzles can be classified as easy, so I won’t include that as the ‘biggest’. A few are 200×200, and a scenic at 320×180.
Fewer than 10
A winter holidays pack with snow, Hanukkah, and Christmas themed images.
Easy to Difficult. Most of the images are on the smaller end. Christmas takes up most of the packs theme, but there are a few general winter themed ones and a couple token images. Rating goes to difficult purely because of the Wreath. Notoriously detailed.

2019 DLC Book Releases

Each coloring pack DLC is $1 USD. Most have 20 images each. Exceptions are noted in descriptions.

DLC + Link
Release Date
Review Rating
Fewer than 10
A pack inspired by optical illusions and colorful patterns.
Easy to difficult. Varied sizes and detail. Only the last 4 could be considered difficult. There are a few monotone illusions. Most images don’t exceed 16 colors.
Positive (14 reviews)
Inspired by beautiful scenery, skylines, landscapes, and forests.
Medium to difficult. The most ambitious in terms of size at the time of release. The smallest being 81×100 with 34 colors.
Mostly Positive (12 reviews)
Inspired by animals in all shapes and sizes covering adorable puppies and rabbits to woolly mammoths and dragons.
Easy to difficult. A majority of them are on the easy end with the exception of the last row which is more detailed and realistic.
Mixed (11 reviews)
Inspired by technology from the past, present, and future.
Easy to difficult. Images vary from small and simplistic to large and realistic or otherwise detailed.
Positive (15 reviews)
Inspired by flags from across the globe, expect flags from interesting countries, states and other origins.
Easy to Med-Hard. A majority of them are on the easy end. The latter images while on the larger side, aren’t particularly complex.
Positive (11 reviews)
This themed book is all about flowers; expect to indulge in vibrant colors, beautiful bouquets, and floral patterns.
Easy to Medium. Images don’t exceed 160px. Even the more colorful ones aren’t intimidating.
Positive (12 reviews)
Includes a variety of different images, including vehicles, cityscapes, landscapes, and various other peculiar objects
Easy to difficult. The difficulty is as varied as the images the pack holds. Some of the larger ones are particularly detailed.
Positive (11 reviews)
All images in this pack are created from a unique isometric perspective.
Easy to difficulty. Mostly easy to medium, but the last few kick it up a notch.
Positive (18 reviews)
All images in this pack are food related.
Easy! Among the most chill packs to date.
Fewer than 10
Monsters and other intimidating beings.
Easy to medium. Majority of it is easy, with a couple mediums.
Fewer than 10
A festive pack that releases an image per day Advent Calendar style until Christmas Eve. 24 images total.
Easy to medium. Mostly on the easier side, but there are a couple medium sized pattern images which some may find tedious.

2020 DLC Book Releases

Each coloring pack DLC is $1 USD. Most have 20 images each. Exceptions are noted in descriptions.

DLC + Link
Release Date
Review Rating
Fewer than 10
A pack of images in a realistic style.
Medium to hard.
Mixed (30 reviews)
Inspired by the music industry from relaxing piano to rock stars at gigs.
Easy. Of the few images that exceed 100px, none of them are necessarily difficult.
Fewer than 10
Signs of spring such as flowers, picnics, butterflies, and more.
Easy to medium. Mostly easy, but nothing over the top or hyper realistic.
Fewer than 10
Characters and scenery associated with classic fairy tales.
Easy to medium. Only a couple images exceed 100px. And a majority of them don’t have background to fill in.
Fewer than 10
Similar to it’s predecessor; the theme is landscapes, skylines, and environments.
Medium to hard. A variety of landscape images in globes or landscape style. A couple of them are a bit more detailed than the rest, but none should be too challenging.
Mixed (11 reviews)
Ocean life such as fish, cephalopods, crustaceans and other marine life.
Mostly easy! There’s one large image, but the pack is a cakewalk overall.
Mixed (15 reviews)
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, and more dinosaurs.
Easy! None of the images exceed 100px
Fewer than 10
The third seasonal spooktacular book.
Easy to hard. There’s a handful of detailed images, but they shouldn’t be too challenging.
Fewer than 10
The second winter holiday themed advent book where one new picture is released each day from Dec 1st until Dec 24th. Fun Fact: It is not cheating to change your computer clocks However, tampering with the computer’s date and time can cause unintended computer issues.
Easy to hard. Many easier images, a medium sized pattern, and a handful of detailed images.

2021 DLC Book Releases

Each coloring pack DLC is $1 USD. Most have 20 images each. Exceptions are noted in descriptions.

DLC + Link
Release Date
Review Rating
Positive (11 reviews)
Images depict famous landmarks from all over the globe.
Medium to hard. From the Steam Page: All images are the same large resolution of 200×150.
Fewer than 10.
Images are themed around moments in time from prehistory, culture, and more..
Easy to hard. Most are probably in the medium range. One of the larger images is a black and white bust.
Fewer than 10.
Featuring animals you might see during a trip to the safari.
Easy to medium. None of the images are too large. Many are still pieces with no background to fill in. The few larger ones aren’t hyper-detailed and cap out at 15 colors while one is monochrome at 4 colors.
Fewer than 10.
Iconic amusement park related images.
Easy to medium. Most of the images aren’t too large or complicated. The final one is a fair size, but doable in a reasonable amount of time.
Few than 10.
Ancient Mythology from various cultures.
Fewer then 10.
Optical illusions
Fewer than 10.
Retro 1-bit two color themed images.

Other DLC

Coloring Pixels – Soundtrack

Released on 19 April 2019
Review Rating: Less than 10
Price: 4.99 USD

The official soundtrack for Coloring Pixels captures the relaxed nature of the game. This soundtrack gives you access to Coloring Pixel’s array of purposefully composed piano tracks to listen to at your leisure.
Album lasts for approximately 60 minutes and is composed by various artists.


Volume control and mute options.
Hide level names and images
This one is good if you want to do each image without knowing what it is. It does still tell you how large the image is and how many colours it has.
Hide Completed Books
Hides finished books from the sidebar. *Bug: Fixed. Last opened book loads at start-up.
Keep Old Advent Books Unlocked
Advent Books can be done yearly for those inclined enough to. Check this if you want them to remain unlocked through December.
Lock Completed Pixels
Prevents you from accidentally overwriting a correctly placed color.
* Off
* Last 10 tiles; it’ll highlight the last ten you need to fill in.
* Last 5 pixels of selected color.
Seasonal Effects
Adds additional effects during certain times of the year
* October – reddish background with pixel rising from the bottom to simulate fire
* December – white background with animated falling snow
* February – pink background with rising hearts
* March 17 – Light green background with falling clovers.
Remove completed colors from palette
When you finish with a color, it’ll disappear from the color box at the bottom. And reappear if you accidentally color a completed tile over.
Image Complete Animation
Shows your progress in full animation after completing the image. Options: On/Off. No speed control at this time.
Show Percentage / Show Timer
* Percentage: On/Off. If you have it off, you can still use tab to see it.
* Show Timer: This is strictly for New Game+ for folks who want to challenge themselves with speed runs and has no effect on regular play (or achievements).
There are a handful of options here, and a preview that updates with your changes so you don’t have to hop back and forth to puzzles to see the differences.
Light Mode is the default. Nightmode activates darker backgrounds and lighter fonts.
Normal / Palette / Pixels / Both
Silkscreen / Open Dyslexic / Tahoma
* Disabled / Touch Only / Cursor Only / Both
* Magnifier Zoom. A slide bar that goes from x1.0 to x10.0
Keyboard Pan Speed
How fast the screen moves while using the arrows or WASD on the keyboard.
UI Scale
Make the game’s UI smaller or larger. The apply button let’s you see it right away in settings.

Bugs & Issues

Thankfully, there are very few. Here’s the ones I’m familiar with.

Achievement loophole where players could cheat to obtain achievements, without owning the DLC, has been fixed. Announcement


These are images with known errors in them. The reason this won’t be “fixed” is because it will affect people’s saves. Dev Post

Book 1 (Free) – Title: “America” (20th image)
Last star in the third row is misaligned.
Book 3 (Free) – “Red” (11th image)
Second last “full” block is missing a black line through it.
Book 3 (Free) – Title: “Pattern” (17th image)
One of the black lines near the bottom right is one pixel too short.
Patterns Book (DLC) Title: Rainbow Weave (15th image)
The last “full” tooth on the red row is one row shorter than the rest.

Change log & Credits

2021-Jul-01 – On hiatus from the game. But I’ll try to keep this updated. Comments mentioning needed updates are acceptable, better if you can provide a screenshot or announcement..
2021-Mar-16 – Grammar correction and Free content adjustment. Thanks, Toastie_Lee! Also updated Intro to include their social pin on their steam boards.
2021-Mar-04 – Updated review ratings in all packs to reflect current numbers.
2021-Feb-13 – Updated a majority of the difficulty comments in addition to pack update. Feedback is welcome about difficulty comments, just keep it kosher.
2021-Jan-16 – Removed listed bugs that have since been fixed. Updated settings.
2020-Oct-02 – I’m in the process of adding estimated difficulty ranges for each pack. The 2018 section is “done” as of this change log update. If you have any critiques/concerns, you’re welcome to let me know. Also, I realized I was coding the tables with way too much bold and have since amended that. Hopefully it’s easier on the eyes now.
2020-Jun-28 – Minor edits to update the intro section / delete superfluous afterthought section + new DLC update that I somehow missed.
2020-May-11 – Purged updates from change-log pertaining to ‘adding books to list’ / review ratings check
2020-Apr-18 – Long overdue update to the settings section. split the DLC books into a section of their own by year due to character limits. a few other small amendments.
2020-Mar-24 – reviews column update
2020-Feb-18 – After a two month hiatus, CP announced a new pack on Feb 8. List updated.
2019-Nov-22 – Typos, review ratings check, added other DLC section
2019-Nov-18 – Hotkeys edit shift+# for single digit. Thank you, Min_Lee.
2019-Nov-02 – Update to bugs & issues + formatting.
2019-Oct-26 – Added new community book info to book list. And updated bugs & issues section, including adding two misaligned colors previously unknown to me. Thank you, Crunch!
2019-Sept-01 – October seasonal effects
2019-Sept-24 – Added links to pack announcements via release date on table
2019-Aug-14 – Formatting in settings / books
2019-Apr-10 – Converted some sections to table format. Added Bugs/issues section
2019-Feb-09 – Added a section for the books and DLC. Updated settings section to reflect recent changes in-game. New fonts and contrast options. And you can hide completed books.
2018-Dec-04 – December seasonal effects. Thank you, Nobody.
2018-Dec-20 – Hotkeys (tab). Layout adjustments.