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CONSOLE CODE to force a TRUCE between NCR and Brotherhood of Steel


For the (many) people that helped Head Paladin Hardin to remove Elder McNamara and then are not allowed to make a truce between BoS and NCR. A simple code that solve that situation and gives you the ending you want!!!!!!!

Force a truce between NCR and Brotherhhod of Steel with a console command.

Hi fellow players!!!


Dunring my current New Vegas playthrough i found myself in a rather unpleasing situation:

1: During the quest “Still in the Dark” I helped Head Paladin Hardin to become the new Elder of the Brotherhood of Steel, removing the previous Elder, McNamara.

2: During Veronica personal quest, I told her she should stay with the brotherhood of steel

Indeed I like them very much and I am a Paladin myself.

3: After several gameplay hours I decided to side with NCR and started the long quest “For the republic, part 2” and arrived to the point where Colonel Moore asks me to destroy the brotherhhod of steel.

If you left Elder McNamara in his place, you can make a truce between NCR and Brotherhood of Steel, and you get an ending where NCR wins the battle and the Brotherhhod survives and patrols the highway near they base, Veronica lives, etc.

BUT if you removed Elder McNamara and helped Hardin to become the BoS chief, he doesn’t want to make any truce, not even offering you the dialogue to discuss it.
At this point you are forced to destroy the Brotherhhod of Steel or not side with NCR. More precisely if you don’t want to destroy the Brotherhood the only choice left to you is to side with yourself (Yes Man option).
Moreover, if you told Veronica to stay with the Brotherhood, if you destroy them she will attack you (if active companion) or leave your side permanently.

I searched for a workaround in the forums and in the wikis for 3 hours and found nothing, the only “solution” given is reloading an old save (and losing 20 hours of progression) or restart the game and make the right choices (and loosing all progresses).
I also noticed that many people was in the same situation and searched for a solution.

So I started litterally messing with the console, and after several tries I found a code that works!!!

TL;DR, give me the CODE

In order for this to work you have to:

1: progress “For the Republic, part 2” quest until the point where Colonel Moore asks you to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel.

2: open the console (tilde button) and type “SetObjectiveDisplayed 136166 56 1” without quotes.

This will make the game think the BoS Elder offered you a truce AND activates the quest marker to go to speek with Colonel Moore about the truce.

After you tell Colonel Moore that you made a truce with BoS, you will advance in the quest “For the Republic, part 2”, but the objective to destroy the Brotherhood and the relative map markers are still active. Just ignore them and go on with following quest “You’ll know when it happens”.
After you complete “You’ll know when it happens” the other quest (For the republic) will be completed too and the option to destroy Bos will be greyed out.
Then the game progresses as if the truce has been made, and you will get the ending where NCR wins, BoS goes on and patrols the highway and Veronica is alive.

Plot coherence rants

I know that gameplaywise it makes little sense since Hardin hates the RNC after what they did at Helios One, but I really felt bad about destroying the Brotherhood, killing Veronica, etc, and at the same time I wanted the NCR to win. So I think that after everything I have done for them, with 100 speech skill and really high reputation with BoS and NCR, I CAN arrange a truce, or better FORCE it, even telling lies to them (or using console commands to make them reason, lol).

All credits goes to Obsidian and Bethesda, who made this masterpiece called Fallout: New Vegas

I hope it’s clear and usefull

Cheers, Ygolnac