Castle Crashers® Guide

How to redeem '3rd Echelon' map - [DEPRECATED; GAMESPOT REMOVED THE PAGE] for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

Controls for Keyboard/PC Users


-As the title says all, simple breakdown of the game’s mechanics for keyboard/PC users who don’t own an Xbox controller.–Idk if someone has done one of these guides yet but I haven’t seen one so I’m not sure.Remember: Left side controls are for Xbox controllers, Right side in () are keyboard controls.-Moving: D-pad or Left stick (Arrow Keys)-Heavy Attack: Y (W)-Light Attack: X (D)-Using an Item: B (A)-Jump: A (Space)-Magic: RT (Shift)-Selecting Items: LB (Q or E)-Pause: Start (Esc)-Blocking: LT (Control, Ctrl)