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cook with ulyeets for Fallout: New Vegas

cook with ulyeets


Effective use of ingredients… but it could be built upon. Built upon with the past, maybe.I had to walk to many towns, communities, anyone in Caesar’s gaze. Scouted some. Blended in – just looking for a package to deliver.Would have to resupply there too. Ammo, parts – anything you couldn’t find from the land.There was one person though, a roadside cook. Had a recipe like this. Still don’t know what made me buy some of it. Might have been curious. Looking for something to save, before being lost to the Bull. Or maybe… could have just been hungry.Still remember the details. Texture, flavor. Remnants, but enough for it to be saved. Perhaps we can build it again, make something better.””Welcome to Cooking With the Couriers, where the only road you walk… is the road to delicious.””Now, let’s make something new from the old.”

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