Muck Guide

crafting tutorial for Muck

crafting tutorial


craftie craftie


1. go to your room (or under the bridge)
2. go to computah
3. press the button small and wait for the computer
4. install steam
5. launch steam
6. register on steam
7. login on steam
8. verify on steam
9. go to the steam store
10. search “Muck”
11. click “Muck”
12. download it
13. launch it
14. press “Host Lobby”
15. invite your friends or dont if you dont have them
16. set gamemode to survival
17. set difficulty gamer
18. press start
19. you see loading
20. go to rock
21. get big rok
22. go to tree
23. break tree
24. craft workbench
25. craft
congrats you craft