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Crimson Caravan Gate Crash Workaround [Console Commands] for Fallout: New Vegas

Crimson Caravan Gate Crash Workaround [Console Commands]


Crashing when trying to entering the Crimson Caravan is a common bug. Here’s a a workaround and some other possible fixes.

Crimson Caravan Crash

This fix only applies when you crash entering trough the gate.

I have had this issue several times in different playtroughs (I should really stop playing this game someday). It can be caused by mods, but I also had this occur in my vanilla runs.

So here’s a general workaround:


My workaround is to avoid the gate entirely.

Use this console command to teleport to Alice McLaffertys Main Office building:

coc 000F5E5A

This way you will be able to exit into the Crimson Caravan grounds trough her door.
Going near the gate while inside still crashes my game, might wanna try that out on your end. If it crashes your game, just use Fast Travel.

Other Fixes

Other possible fixes:

  • Install NVAC
  • Remove Mods that change the CC
  • Fix your Load Order

I recommend using NVAC[www.nexusmods.com] in any circumstance. NVAC stands for New Vegas Anti-Crash[www.nexusmods.com] and has improved my game experience vastly. Way less crashes with this mod. Get it. I also recommend using the 4GB Patcher[www.nexusmods.com].

Remove Mods

Yeah this point is pretty self explaining. I know removing mods sucks, but it’s sometimes needed.

Fix your load order

If you use Mods, it might be wise to fix your Load Order with a Mod Organizer. Like seriously, a lot of issues can be avoided by this. A MO that works for most people is LOOT[loot.github.io]. It covers what the average player needs.