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"Curios and Relics" - Achievement Guide (And Unique Weapon Locations) for Fallout: New Vegas

“Curios and Relics” – Achievement Guide (And Unique Weapon Locations)


Cause 10,000 damage with unique Mojave Wasteland weapons


– Fast travel to the Gun Runners’ mark on your map.
– Buy “Esther (GRA)” from the robot at Gun Runners, Esther is a Mini Nuke Launcher which delivers great damage and will be the key to unlocking this achievement very quickly. And don’t forget to purchase ammunition, you’ll need it of course lol.
– Fast travel to Black Rock and make your way to the top while destroying everything in your way.
– You will most likely have used up all of your ammunition after this, return to Gun Runners and restock.
– Fast travel to The Strip and kill the three securitrons at the entrance.
– Enter The Strip and fire at the two hookers, this should kill a few people and grant you the achievement.
– Achievement unlocked!

If you didn’t get it then head to Camp McCarran and try killing as many NCR soldiers as you can,

Note: This also unlocks the similar achievement from the GRA DLC which involves causing 10,000 points of damage using weapons from the DLC.

All Unique Weapon Locations

Thought I’d post these here too because well collecting is fun, isn’t it?


Thank you for reading this guide, I hope it helped and proved that I’m not all that useless after all. Major credit to FunkDog from TrueAchievements, he actually came up with this method (not me). EpicMoonRagerz too, that unique weapon location guide is amazing and honestly benefited me in my own playthroughs. Anyways, have a nice day. 😉