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Dead Money: How To Get 100k+ Caps and unlimited supplies WITHOUT THE GOLD BARS for Fallout: New Vegas

Dead Money: How To Get 100k+ Caps and unlimited supplies WITHOUT THE GOLD BARS


How to get 100,000+ caps and unlimited supplies just by taking a few simple steps before and as soon as you enter the casino.

Introduction AKA The Easiest Way To Make The Money In ‘Dead Money’

Hello beautiful people, today I’ll show you guys a quick an easy way to get money in the Sierra Madre. Just follow the simple steps mentioned in this guide and you’ll almost surely will walk out of the casino with AT LEAST 100k caps, and unlike the gold bar method of making money, you won’t have to bother with 1000+lbs of gold to sell god knows where. This method is practically better in every way.

STEP 1; Getting The Gear (skip if your luck is higher than 7)

For the first part of this trick, we’ll need to get our luck up to at-least 7.
Higher luck is obviously always better.
There are two ways to raise luck that do not include physical gear (which you can’t take with you),
The first one being the intense training perk and the second one being the luck implant.
you can use ‘Intense Training’ 10 times a game, so you can basically even do this with a luck 1 character. If you don’t fancy waiting for two levels you can also consider the luck implant[fallout.fandom.com] available at the new vegas medical clinic for 4000 caps.
Once your luck is at-least 7, you can go on to the next step of the guide.

Step 2; Entering Your Madre

At this point you should have your luck set to higher than 7, AKA you’re ready to start the Dead Money DLC.
Pro tip: don’t take any gear with you, at all, so that you have enough space for carrying the stuff you find in the DLC back home with you.
Do the DLC up until you finish starting the Gala event, and open up the casino, then return to this guide. DO NOT FORGET TO PICK UP EVERY CHIP YOU FIND, YOU’LL NEED AT LEAST 200. ALSO PICK UP DISPENSER CODES, GOOGLE THEIR LOCATIONS IF NEEDED, BUT BE SURE TO GET ALL OF THEM!!!
Also, according to user Sionnach Dhu there is a snowglobe to collect in the Salida Del Sol North, HUGE props to her for mentioning it, as I obviously completely forgot about it:
“Your guide doesn’t mention the 2,000-chip jackpot if you collect the snowglobe in Salida Del Sol North.
In the snowglobe miniquest, Jane at Lucky 38 pays 2,000 caps each for the 7 in the main game. DLC globes magically go there when found & payment is instant. The Dead Money one pays chips instead of caps, giving a perfect stake for gambling.”
In Salida Del Sol South, find the “Salida Del Sol House” – an ordinary-looking door at the top of a flight of stairs. Go through the house, down to the street, look behind you for an opening in the wall above. Go around the corner to the southeast, up the next flight of stairs, then back along the rooftop ledges. The room has 5 desks piled up against the back wall. One of Dean’s suitcase stashes is to the right; the globe is on a crate to the left.

At this point I’m assuming you’re in the Madre, so what you should do now is power the casino up, as I’m sure you already heard the angry guy on the Pip Boy tell you to. The task itself is not hard, if your irl intelligence is set to 1, though, and you need help with it, go to Step 2.5 for further instructions. Also do not forget to collect any chips you come by.

As soon as you light up the casino, The security holograms are suddenly gone, and the friendlier vendor holograms appear almost everywhere. The Cashier hologram is opposite of the electric closet, if you have any pre war money on you, convert it to chips there.

Then SAVE YOUR GAME. You’ll need to reload this save incase you’re unlucky, and somehow manage to lose all your caps. After that is done, GO GAMBLE (and don’t forget to save everytime you win big)!
If your luck is on the lower side (<8), go play blackjack.
IRL Blackjack basic strategy applies to fonv aswell, so consider referring to a Blackjack basic strategy chart[www.blackjackapprenticeship.com] and playing your cards according to the charts above (if you need help with reading the chart refer to the ‘How To Read BJ Basic Strategy – How to get good BJ’ section.)

If your luck is 8-10 go play whatever you want, you can’t lose. remember, always double down on a 10 or an 11 in blackjack.



Powering up the casino is really not that hard.

First thing you should do is enter the casino floor from the main room, It’s right in front of you when you wake up.
Then you should be greeted with a hologram and a computer. Go to the computer, as shown in the picture:

On the computer Select ‘Set Behavior: Casino Floor West Patrol’, The hologram should start moving away now, giving you access to the stairs up. Use them!

After you’re up the stairs, you should see the bar table, on it will be a note, take it and destroy the speaker on the wall to the right of the bar, preferably quickly.

After that is done, open the door behind the bar and head upstairs, because currently the other way is blocked by a hologram.

Once you’re upstairs, go straight into into the room on your right, it’s the one with one computer on the wall.

On the computer, select ‘Set Behavior: Bar Door Guard’. This should make the hologram move out of the way. Go back downstairs and you should see him gtfo

Head down the corridor into the next room, and access the Security Terminal using the note we found on the bar table. Select the options titled ‘Unlock Electrical Closet Door’ and ‘Set Behavior Pattern: Cashier’s Counter Patrol.

After you’re done with that, go back upstairs into the previous room and set change the behavior pattern to ‘Personnel Office Patrol’

Then head back outside towards the bar.
Now once you’re there, you have two emitters to disable.

You have two ways to approach the next step of the process.
The stealthy way (high stealth required) and the SHOOTY SHOOTY BANG BANG way (gun required). Hard choice, I know.
Pro tip: If your repair is above 50, don’t bother with the shooty bang bang way, instead do the stealthy way and just disable the emitters using your repair skill by pressing E on them.

The Stealthy way involves sneaking on the railings and jumping towards where the second emitter is located, then sprinting towards the security door, opening it, and turning on the light. That’ll disable the security holograms.

The SHOOTY SHOOTY BANG BANG way on the other side, involves you just sprinting over the railing while shooting all the holo emitters you see.

After you’re done with this, you can head back to STEP 2, to continue your journey.

STEP 3; The Only Compliments I Get Are The Casinos’

Every 2500 chips you earn, you receive a Compliment from the casino. Most of them are trash, except one which is very good for when you actually return to the wastes.

The comps come as follows:
2500:One wine and a Scotch
5000: Pre-War parkstroller outfit & Pre-War hat (you can return them at the vending machines for more chips)
7500: Complimentary voucher
10000: A slap across the face and a ban from the gambling tables.

Now the OP item here is obviously the complimentary voucher. You can redeem it at any vending machine and it gives you 1000 chips to use. You can redeem the one you get as soon as you receive it, no harm in that, but the OP part of it is that there’s many more of them, sent every 3 days to the brotherhood bunker you start the DLC from. Also that bunker has a vending machine, so what youre essentially getting is a free supply of everything possible to redeem from these things. It’s truly wonderful, especially considering you can spam collect the repair kits later in the mojave, and use them to repair weapons that you can sell at exorbitant prices at different merchants.

As soon as you get banned, you’ll have over 10k chips that you can use to get yourself stuff from the vending machines and convert to cold hard Pre-War cash, with every piece of it being worth 10 caps. I suggest you only buy a handful of supplies, as you’ll have an endless supply of them by the end of the DLC anyways.
Basically what you end up with is 100k caps and an infinite well of supplies you can sell / use to repair weapons that you can sell. And all you need to get that is a 17 carat run of good luck.

How To Read BJ Basic Strategy – How to get good BJ

Some of you may ask, what the fuсk is basic strategy and how do understand those stupid charts?
Well do not worry my friend, this is what I am here for.
to understand It we first need to understand the Table itself and then it’s Legend.

The table reads as follows:
The rows are the cards in your hand. with A standing for ace and T standing for 10, Jack, King, Queen. The dealer upcard is the card you see the dealer holding.

Soft totals are basically when you have an ace and another card in your hand.
Hard totals are any two number card combinations.
Pair splitting is when you have two identical cards in your hand. the game gives you an option to split them into 2 different hands. As for the key, DAS is allowed so every Y/N square is a Y.
Later surrender is pointless if you have any luck above 7.

Appendix AKA Congrats, You’re Rich

By now you are the richest person in the Mojave Wasteland, so congratulations.
Be sure to share the guide if you enjoyed it, and be sure to point out any mistakes that I have made so that I can get mad at you and block you on steam fix them.